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Cleartype - do you like it?


Do you like cleartype?  

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I would have to agree - cleartype on all my LCDs makes a huge difference (in a positive way), especially on smaller laptop screens with lower resolutions. Really cleans it up.

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With me it seems to differ. On XP I can either take it or leave it depending on the monitor, it tends to look better on LCDs and worse on CRTs and since I use a CRT with XP at home I think I have it off right now. CRTs are pretty good at antialiasing text anyway. I don't really notice it in Vista because it's always there, but it seems better than XPs cleartype. More 'one size fits all'.

I had a customer phone me up once complaining about IE 7 and how she couldn't read any of the text because it was incredibly fuzzy and 'illegible'. I asked her if she was using a CRT etc and after 5 minutes I just couldn't see why the Cleartype was making everything so bad. I eventually just gave her instructions to turn off Cleartype. I guess some people just really don't like it!

BTW: Antialiasing of screen fonts on Apple Macs has been an option since Mac OS 8.6 I think, and OS X antialiases screen fonts like there is no tomorrow... yet I see no complaining there. :blink:

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yea, the tuner still does not help, the text is actually more clear with cleartype off, very odd.

must just be me then.

No, I'm with you all the way. I have never understood the use of cleartype. It makes my fonts blurry (whatever other people say about it, blurring *is* what happens, on every screentype), which I really detest strongly. I've created truetype fonts for a living for a couple of years in the nineties, so maybe that has something to do with it. I always like my fonts to be displayed as sharp and original as they possibly can be.

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I like Cleartype, most of the time. Not on CRT's, granted as they are fuzzy to begin with. However, I like them on LCD's, to an extent. Properly configured, it's great. Nonetheless, I prefer Cleartype more on some LCD monitors than other LCD monitors. The effect probably depends on the DPI of your LCD screen too.

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I always like my fonts to be displayed as sharp and original as they possibly can be.

Then you should prefer ClearType. The intent of ClearType is just that.

Reference : http://www.microsoft.com/typography/WhatIsClearType.mspx

Someone who's familiar with the fact that vectors can't be accurately reproduced across square pixels should be able to appreciate how ClearType aliases the vector/pixel path to improve the font fidelity.

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