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Integration of AMD / ATI SB7XX textmode RAID / AHCI drivers on an XP


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So the link above is not a valid Microsoft link?

Sure it is but is ONLY for the Service Pack 3.

You need a XP install CD, or .iso to which you can apply (or integrate) the Service Pack (or that you apply to an existing install).

It is just a (cumulative) update, the contents of the.iso are essentially the WINDOWSXP-KB936929-SP3-X86-ENU.EXE (the actual service pack executable).



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i tried to install win xp in HP15-g004AU and its bios has no IDE mode option.

and sata hw id is PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7804&CC_0106 i have integrate 32bit AMD SBxxx AHCI& RAID Driver v3.3.1540.33 for XP mod by Fernando but when setup says Starting Windows Xp Setup my lappy turn off automatically just after 2 seconds of hard disk partition displayed...

i have tried all of drivers available on regarding this sata controller.. after lot of googling... but failed.. every time i saw BSOD or after partition window system turned off automatically... Plzzz Help...


Same situation happen with ASUS x552E having sata hw id is PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7801&CC_0106...

only difference is setup continues after partition screen and installation files copies to hdd

and when device restart to continue setup to installing device (GUI Screen) window BSOD appears...




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Sir i already tried for this one... same problem happened.. please sir suggest me any other things according to my laptop model.. i guess it have PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7804&CC_0106   &   PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7801&CC_0106  hardware but common AHCI drivers don't work on it... may be it need specific drivers according to their model no HP15-g004AU and Asus x552e respectively... sir please help..

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Since the MEGA download links to my modded 32/64bit AMD SBxxx AHCI&RAID drivers v3.3.1540.33 for Windows XP (x86/x64), which I had posted >here<, were dead, I have re-uploaded them both to my OneDrive account and corrected the links.

Here are the links again:

>32bit AMD SBxxx AHCI & RAID Driver v3.3.1540.33 for XP mod by Fernando<

>64bit AMD SBxxx AHCI & RAID Driver v3.3.1540.33 for XP x64 mod by Fernando<

Good luck!

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