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Call for Translations - Part 2


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Ok here is the Greek translation. I checked but since I have no one else to check me for mistakes so I cannot guarantee its flawless. Anyway, I believe i serves its purpose in helping people through the installation process (i really hope it doesn't make it harder :/ )


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It took me all of 15 minutes to write and you can disassemble it with Reflector. It's nothing special, really.

Well, this is still quite a lot of source code for just 15 minutes!

Actually its a wastefulness not to open its source... ;)

Could you add following feature to the local tool please?

If the canonical resx is not translated completely at once, a second use of the tool is required.

In this case, the color indication gets lost.

Would it be possible, to check on load the canonical and the local strings for alikeness?

If they differ, the cell of the local string (or whole row?) could become green.

Another feature request is this:

Regularly it happens, that a translated string is too long for its target label

- but this can only be discovered, while using the localized application.

If such a string was found, it is often hard to find it back in the long string list of the local tool.

A search functionality would be really great for this situation.

PS: I really don't want exercise exclusive control of your time w3bbo. I am just posting my thoughts...

(but I guess you wont need more than 5 minutes for this, since you could do the whole local tool in such a short time ;)

I did check the installer, which you released with your tools. And I did find a string, which I missed to translate.

Additionally I did rephrase some strings, because they were too long.

Would you mind to replace the old resx with the new one?

(if this is bothering you, just leave it. I think I will find more glitches after your next release - so we have to change it again anyway)

Another thing which I noticed:

The "Browse..." buttons are a little to small for the common German translation "Durchsuchen...".

I could omit the three periods... but it would be better, if you could give just a few more pixels to the buttons.

(note: German is right now the only language, where the browse button is a little too small - but in Greek the back button is a little too small too)

Maybe it is possible, to have autmatically enlarging buttons, which make themselves fitting to their caption.

(if this is not too much work - sometimes the controls have such an option already)

And finally I found following two strings (from message boxes), which are missing in the resx file:

Are you sure you want to cancel installation?

Select an embedded package before continuing

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