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Still very concerned about IPV6 issue!

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I am persistent in my “obsession” that the IPV6 issue, is going to be the ultimate challenge for 9x users.

I have heard a few of my fellow members----assure me, as well as the few others sharing my concerns,

that there is no real problem, as there will be routers, and tunneling etc---to take care of such problems.

I am still not quite comforted by any of the explanations though, and I am bringing this issue up again, since I’ve thought of a new scenario or two---which paints a rather dismal picture.

First, if we believe that the IPV4 addresses are really going to eventually run out, that would mean,

that if your 9x machine is not hooked up to the internet already---with an IPV4 address, you will not be able to get one (since there will not be any left)---thus routers, or no routers, tunneling or no tunneling----will not help at all, meaning you will be up the creek!

The only option then for people setting up new 9x machines in the future (having no IPV4 address to rout or tunnel) will be to make use of some kind of IPV6 patch------!!!!

I know that there is the so called TOOLNET 6 patch from a while back by Hitachi; and the Trumpet thing,

But try to find them!

I’ve gone to the Hitachi site, using the supposed links---and can find no thing!

The group that made Trumpet, seems to have been taken over by others---and any info concerning their process for establishing IPV6 on Win 9x machines seems to no longer exist.

I challenge anyone to find a link to either of these two options, that really proves useful (as in being able to actually download something).

I think the only solution for those who in the future choose to use the 9x system---is for those with the know how, to come up with a real and working patch enabling IPV6 for WIN 9x.

I know this is a “touchy” subject, but I feel it has not been tackled with enough of the ferocious resolve and determination I think is necessary.

Can anyone address my fear?

If you can prove I am quite wrong, and making an a** of myself for being so obsessed about this, Please! Please! have at it.

I want to be proven quite wrong concerning my great worry!

If, any of my fellow forum members, think this is as important an issue as I do---your views and possible solutions, are exceedingly welcome.

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See what I mean!

Actually, there is one active link out of all of those, which leads to a Greek website, where I was able to download one version of Trumpet for Win 3x and Win 95!

It's as though someone is deliberately pulling this kind of stuff from the internet, just to make sure that us 9x lovers, will not have it easy going when IPV6 takes over.

I will explore the router method too, as well as wait:

If my fears about all the problems this is going to cause for 9xers is true, someone here who knows how to, will inevitably develop a work around or patch.

If any thing such as developing some sort of real IPV6 protocol patch/ stack-- is possible, and becomes truly necessary, this is the place where such treasures shall come from!

People working on keeping 9x alive, have come too far to not be at least looking into something that might be the ultimate challenge for keeping 9x a viable, and internet capable alternative for many, many, many, years to come.

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Here is a Wayback Machine link that has various IPv6 files including Hitachi Toolnet6.

Apparently Hitachi Toolnet6 only works on NE-2000 or 3COM Etherlink III network chipsets (or compatible)...

See here: http://web.archive.org/web/20041208022720/...ork/pexv6-e.htm

Here is a (Japanese) link for Toolnet6 install instructions:


Use Google Translate to read it (unless you can read Japanese).

You may find this blog (part off) quite interesting: http://petertattam.com/?cat=9

BTW, the file link in the blog is dead because it's been updated:


And... this will explain where Trumpet Winsock got to: http://petertattam.com/?page_id=2

And... follow the link to here: http://www.tattsoft.com/

You can download Trumpet Winsock shareware versions (30 day) from:


BTW, this is the Microsoft IPv6 Technology Preview for Windows 2000:


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This IPv6 is something I was not aware of ... all new to me. I went to the IPv6 web site to get information. It told me I am using IPv4. Anyway, I spent sometime on Google searching around. I came up with this for Windows 98 users. Is this what we (98SE users) need ?

Trumpet Winsock 5.0 Revision C - This is designed for Windows 95/98 users and is compatible with several applications including Netscape, Internet Explorer, CUTE FTP, WS_FTP and Eudora.

... Update ... download link removed, download does not work.

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All I can say is....Wow!!!!

Thank you RetroOS, and Duffy98----for finding what I thought could not be found.

Out of all this, some of it is bound to work! at keeping 9x going as long as humanly possible.

From what I've read, this IPV6 configuring etc, seems somewhat complicated: nevertheless, I shall commence to read up on it, and apply whatever methods are possible to implement, so far as 9x is concerned.

If any of these programs/patches----really do work, then we have a lot less to worry about.

I realize I've a tendency to panic, when I think of not having my 95, and 98se fully functional for as long as possible (including the living aspect of going on the internet)----but it really is better to be safe, than sorry.

Thanks a million for providing these materials for those who tend to worry as much as I am want to do!

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cyberformer ... your welcome ... thanks for bringing this to my attention, after reading about IPv6, I got the impression that Win 98SE users could have a problem down the road. That download link for Trumpet Winsock 5.0 Revision C ... is that what you were talking about in your earlier post ? ... does this take care of our problem? ... or do 98SE users still have to worry? If this is what we need or if there is something newer or better from the post by retroOS, let us know. You know a lot more about IPv6 than I do and I will be looking for more information from you and others in the future.

I have an older 98SE notebook that I use for testing things on ... later today or sometime I will try that download out and see if I can still get on the internet. .... you are not alone in worrying, I also worry about 98SE ... I am very happy with my current 98SE notebooks and the way everything works. Hope it stays that way ...

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I would not just go installing this until you know, as well I, exactly what it all means!

If you have the original CD's, then no problem.

I am going to test some of this stuff (once I've read up on it) on a test PC of mine.

If any of these programs allow use of the internet the usual way--but under IPV6 rules, then we have a lot less to worry about.

I wish someone who knew all about this IPV6 in 9x as a really workable thing, could inform us in a detailed way.

If we can rest easy----it would be nice.

If any of these progs allow me to see the "dancing turtle" that is supposed to tell me I am connected through IPV6, then I will indeed fret 2 thirds less than I have been.

There is a site, that test if your IPV6 stack is working properly----if a turtle dances!

If you do not have IPV6 protocols installed properly, then the turtle just sits there.

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The transition to IPv6 will take a looooong time.

It will be years yet before IPv4 starts to phase out.

There is so much hardware and software that does not use IPv6 and that will need replacing...

I think Windows 9x users will have more pressing issues.

Like finding hardware that will work with 9x after current hardware fails.

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Agree with you retroOS and cyberformer ... it is years away (IPv6) from what I was reading in the short time that I have become aware of IPv6. I will still give it a shot on the older Toshiba test machine and see what happens. I'm curious about what the download will do. I will let you know how it all works out. All my machines have a Ghost backup so I can be up and running again without too much of a problem. However, cyberformer ... post any new info or if you know what download will really work with 98SE. As I said, I will test the Trumpet Winsock 5.0 Revision C download or if someone is already using it, please post.

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See the old Microsoft Research page (still at Microsoft):


MSRIPv6 - We released the first version of our implementation, MSRIPv6 1.0, early in 1998. We have continued to improve our implementation and have made several subsequent releases as we added new features.

And here:


This release runs on NT 4 and on Windows 2000. At this time, Microsoft Research has no plans to support this experimental stack on Windows 95 or Windows 98.



Note that even MSRIPv6 1.0 refers to tcpip6.sys.

Windows 9x uses VxD and DLL files for the TCP/IP stack.

I really do not think Microsoft ever created an experimental release for Windows 9x...

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Everybody ... DO NOT use the Trumpet Winsock 5.0 Revision C download ... it will kill your machine. I installed it on my test machine ... it has a "30 Day" trial period ... it will still install but then you have to "re-boot" and the BSOD pops up and a message ... "Your Demonstration Period Has Expired. Winsock is now unusable." I can't get into the machine at all to do anything ... if it weren't for that 30 day thing, the download would probably be OK. If that download could be found without the 30 day trial period built into it, it should be OK. Maybe retroOS will have the answer in one of his links. I will remove the download link in the other post. Delete that download !!!

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