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Show How Many Memory Use's Your Windows 7...


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About 800MB commit charge, build 7100/RC1 x64, after clean reboot.

That's with no AV or anything else running, no IM, no systrays for video/sound/anything, no whatever. Mostly an untouched install.

That's more than double what my Vista SP1 box uses (365MB last I checked; not vLite'd or anything either) :wacko: I thought it was supposed to be more lightweight :whistle:

Edit: and I thought 800Mb was bad enough, but the next few posters have it even worse. 1200MB? That's over 3x my Vista box...

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my Windows 7 uses 510MB commit after start but only 1,3GB of cache. So there is every time wasted unused free RAM of my 2GB.

my Vista uses 560MB commit after start and 1,5GB of cache and no free wasted RAM. That's why Vista is much faster for me.

Both machines use the same software (office 2007, VS 2008, svn, ff 3, tb2, firebird db server, NOD32 v3 and many more).

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930mb used. I ahve 4Gb total. Win 7 Build 7100 x64 Bit. All updates. Running AVG Free, NoAds, and Magic ISO virtual cdrom manager in the taskbar. This is with IE turned off and using the newest firefox.

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Around 750-900mb in my laptop with 4gb of RAM.

I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, Orbit Downloader, MailBell and other startup processes for applications i use.

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i may be wrong but it seems that windows 7 goal isn't exactly reduce the amount used of your ram, as by the way the moment that it will really be on the stores with pcs it's a lot probable that they will already come with at least 3gb to 4gb, this already happens in some cases of low end pcs.

Seems to me that the main goal is compatibility + connectivity + to be faster than vista with same and improved visual and tools + other things :)

When Seven finishes to enter on the market and on the pcs everywhere, most computer users that use it will have at least 4gb and i hope using x64 versions.

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So,Let's show how many Memory(RAM) Use's your Windows 7 Build.Thanks :) its very useful to choose the build.

I've Used a windows 7 Releas Canditate for a such a day

It takes 8GB on my %systemroot%

1GB of Ram

Clock Speed 2.6Ghz

It requires 16 GB minimum requirement for %systemroot%

These are only minimum requirement's for Windows7

Upgrading the System from Minimum requirement o make better performence :hello:

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why " :wacko: "?

Win7 uses as much RAM as possible for cache. Only your working set seems a bit to high. How many applications are you running?

I had normal stuff open like outlook, firefox, mobile device center, astra, malwarebytes, desktopweather, and a couple windows explorer windows open.

The :wacko: ?

That was because it appears to me that Windows 7 left 54mb for some odd reason. I don't care, use it all. :lol:

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