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Show How Many Memory Use's Your Windows 7...


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considering FF is using about 400mb for me right now with things open such as nod32, steam, utorrent, and a few other things, im using around 1.8GB.

for everyone posting their memory usage, it only makes sense to get results of your normal usage.

having nothing running it pointless because when is anyone running nothing?

for some reason it seems as if win7 is using more memory than vista was for me.

4gb is just not enough anymore, thankfully i will have an i7 and 6gb ram in about a week.

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Version 7264 x64

Using 733 MB of RAM out of the 4 GB installed. I've been booted up for about 2 hours, and surfing pretty steady since boot.

I have 28 processes running including 3 instances of IE. (I run each IE tab in a seperate process.) Also with Comodo Security Suite, and Gmail notifier (the old version), running in the background.

*Now it's time to tweak and see how low I can get it, even though it's better for the RAM to be "used" as opposed to just sitting there doing nothing.*

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I don't even know how to tell how much because there are so many memory values available in Task manager.

Plus, who gives a **** how much does it use - most of it is due to Superfetch anyway.

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That was because it appears to me that Windows 7 left 54mb for some odd reason. I don't care, use it all. :lol:

54 is ok, for me Windows 7 leaves 500MB wasted as free RAM. Superfetch in Win7 is bad :angry:

then u really turn on ur pc and just look on it :)

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