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  1. hello, finally i could install xp i just had to do the procedure mentioned above, and everything was perfect afer that, i did it all under xp WinSetupFromUSB is a great app, shame it still not perfect in somes cases like mine, but still is the easiest way to install windows from usb thanks, btw, for the last log, i removed all previous logs just so you could see the last thing i did
  2. it happened to me too but i did it with 2 its installing so far, thanks
  3. 500mb rc100, no pagefile, 2gb ram, no resident crap
  4. hi, sorry for my english i have asus eeepc 1000ha, 2gb ram, 160gb hd, 2gb usb drive, xp sp2, and nlited xp sp3 i installed eeebuntu and it blew my recover partition, so i need to install xp from usb i have tried like 3 methods for installing xp from usb but it never works, i follow every step but the install never shows up so i am using latest WinSetupFromUSB, win7 and xp sp3 on my desktop 1(i format the usb drive with petousb, enable quick, quick, enable lba 2(i use xp sp3 with nlite, but just the sp3 was inserted, also intel sata drivers, the rest is default, nothing was removed or changed, not even unattended 3(WinSetupFromUSB does the work then i boot the eeepc it says second part from hd 0 part 1 ---- try entries below if getting hal ---- second bla bla bla second second second so it skips the firts part, i dont know why, help me please, and thanks btw i have only one partition ------------------------------------ edit, i read the forum and found this It seems grub4dos MBR is present, but for some reason is failing to launch grldr, which is grub4dos loader. Open up command prompt, CD to \winsetupfromusb\files\grub4dos\ and type: CODE grubinst -l -v (hd2) Do you recognize your USB stick by its size? If not- change hd2 to hd1. When you recognize your USB stick issue: CODE grubinst -v (hd2,0) replacing hd(2 with whatever number you found your USB stick at. Please post the output of the last command and check if stick boots fine now. it worked, but i will tell you later if all installed fine WinSetupFromUSB.7z WinSetupFromUSB.7z

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