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Anti virus for windows 98se ?

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Hey guys. What free anti virus still supports 98se ? . It seems avira doesnt (I tried it). Avg says it works with xp on up. I heard that clamwin works. Any suggestions ?

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There's been lots of discussion of this over in the Win 98 forums. Avast 4x is one of the very last free AV's that will work on Win98 (they will not be supporting Win 98 after the end of 2009).

I think ClamWIn is another freebie that works on 98, but I've read it has a very poor detection rate.

Among paid AV's, NOD32 (v 2.7) seems to still be getting AV updates for Win 98 (the current 4x versions do not run on 9x).

One of the regular posters (Herbalist) over in the 98 forum recommends that one not run an AV at all on Win98, and instead install the system policy editor and set up a "default-deny" policy where only the executables that are whitelisted will be run. I haven't tried it yet but will one day (according to a file search, my Win98 system has over 300 .exe files on it so the idea of adding even half of those to the whitelist is a bit daunting.)

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