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  1. How i do the backup ? but the backup return language and unnistall again the uSP ?? i'm not understand very much sorry
  2. why when i installed the uSP in my Win98se (spanish version) change the language to english... example Start Menu... and anothers like My PC and other folders. I can do somthing to change this "problem" ????
  3. gertrix how to add the skin to rp9 ?
  4. my problem is solved, only restart the pc and the option thumbnail in properties appeared tnx
  5. how to install this skin in RP9 or others skins ???? tnx
  6. nothing i do that run regsvr32 gdipthms.dll and code regedit4 and change enable thumnail but nothing ... is a plot from win98
  7. no works, no happend nothing. i do that run regsvr32 gdipthms.dll and open the message said the dll succeeded... but no see change in my pics ... like thumnails. Too put the code regedi4 and nothing sorry for my bad english
  8. i no have idea how add skins to RP9 ?? i have many question ... im freak
  9. how to run. I do click in file regsvr32 and put me a message .. No DLL specified .. but i dont know specified the dll *gdipthms.dll* howi do to run this file ???? -- Install: copy dlls&exe into \windows\system. Run regsvr32 gdipthms.dll. Remove: Run regsvr32 /u gdipthms.dll. Run regsvr32 /i browseui.dll. Delete gdipthms.dll&gdipsrv.exe from \windows\system.--
  10. Problem solved I formatted the hard disc to fat and win98 detected it thanks a lot, all post and help me persons.
  11. its very very diferent my cd have other files :S sorry i cant upload pics my internet conexxion is dial up 31.2 kbps exactly but check list open cd D:\ FOLDERS win98 drivers tools cdsample add-on FILES autorun.ini setup.exe readme.txt setuptip.txt Open Folder D:\win98 123mb 563files, 17folders i dont happend
  12. I have a win98 se in a cd, but want to do a copy in other cd but the cd win98se have 500mb is that very much for win98se ?????? i want to know which are the files necesary but cd run in a boot sesion ??? anyone know ?? and my english is very bad sorry xD The true is relative ...
  13. is a NTFS filesystem i change to FAT and post my result 10x for your time.

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