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No background removal was done, actually, with the script. It was one reason why I chose to do the colorization and transparency on both layers. You can especially tell with the brighter area to the left of the center guy. This is from the background of the particular shot I chose.

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Yes, I now see it to the left of the center guy.

I had to enlarge the downloaded image -- (actually a screen capture, because my PS CS5 couldn't open the jpeg) -- to see it clearly.

It's also to the left of the drummer on the right.

But it worked out great, because you can still make out the scripted elements well.

This light colored "fog" adds to the image, IMO, by making the image more 3 dimensional.

Also, it didn't obliterate the sun's rays.

If you had removed the background first, the scripted elements would have been on a 2-dimensional plane, giving a flatter feel to the image.

I bet you were a little surprised that the scripted-element layer worked out that well, even though you had the skill to tweak it to get what you wanted.

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I just changed my previous signature, shown first, below, to my new signature, shown below that one:




" What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality."  Plutarch




" What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality."  Plutarch


Guess that shows that in the time I've been away that I have been on the ball ... the eyeball, that is.

Sorry for the groaner of a pun ............................................................................................... NOT!


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New signature:


Text in signature are actual strings from the Office 2016 setup executable! I was looking in that exe for install switches and happened upon them. I arranged them in order but I left some out. The top one (Click-to-Run) is enough to denote it from being from Office.

You can see these for yourself as someone did a Malwr analysis of the exe. Go to Static Analysis, Strings to see them if you are skeptical.


Top layer is modified from the image used here:


actual image


Made the monitor wider and cleaned out what was on the screen.

1 layer, 13 objects.

Each "string" object +/- 10% opacity from 30-90%

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That's great, Trip.

Love the concept, the background and text shades, the composition, and the way the figure is in front of the black border.


This is just my first response, a reaction based on my own "style," and not meant to be a criticism.

I like the way the "aqua" text gets brighter toward the bottom and I'm wondering if the figure might look a little better with an "aqua" outer glow, with a value roughly equal to that of the text where it intersects the figure.

I think the figure would "pop out" from the blue background (and the border) better, and maybe "unify" the whole image and the text might "flow" into the figure better, as well.

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