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Which Windows os do u love?


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I checked them out, but while they acknowledge the LBA issue with Windows 2K and XP, they also conclude that you must set up a partition that is less than 137 MB for your first install.

The link given by GrofLuigi:


actually concludes:

if one need the recognize the large disk st setup time:

1) copy setupreg.hiv from the CD to another windows 2000 machine.

2) on that machine run regedt32.exe

3) select File ->Load hive

4) select the name you want ( for example: asdasd)

5) apply the above registry change to [asdasd\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Services \atapi \Parameters]

6) unload the hive.

7) create and Iso image of the install CD.

8) replace in that image the SETUPREG.HIV you edited.

9) burn the Iso image.

when boot from the burned CD, setup will recognize the CD correctly

and after install from that CD, there is not need to apply the above registry change

meaning that if you take a SP3+ (slipstreamed) and you modify it's SETUPREG.HIV adding to it a key:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Services \atapi \Parameters]
EnableBigLba = 1

the "bigger-than-137-Gb" drive should be recognized in TXT setup mode also.

I personally doubt that a CurrentControlSet is available on an offline hive, but you may want to try with ControlSet001. ;)


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Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (with the Windows 2000 look). Best OS ever. Incredibly stable and reliable. Brilliant memory management, VERY fast.

Pretty sure I'll be using this next to Linux and ReactOS for a long d_mn time. To be perfectly honest, I don't understand the whole fancy-_ss 3D OS-stuff one iota. I never use all the cute screen things for anything, so I end up switching them off. I use my computers in a different way I guess; Not to show them off to people, not to make its screens look nice and flashy. I like purity, stability, reliability and speed. No useless time-wasting moving items on my screen that are in no way making it more productive for me.

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"Love" may be a bit strong but what OS I prefer depends a lot on what I'm doing. I've got laptops & tablets here running DOS 6.22, Win95, Win98SE, or Win2K dependent on the machine and what I'm doing with it. This box running XP SP3 (which may become SP2 again) but it does a lot of stuff I don't want or need to do on the others.

There's no overkill, no underkill but rather it's all pretty much just right kill ... :-)

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My personal favorite is Windows 98SE, completely stock. It is compatible with the older versions of software, which, combined with Windows 98, were really the golden age of computer functionality without bloating and eye-candy. The OS was basic and out of the way, but when I needed to, thanks to the ability to boot into DOS, I really could do anything. (NT os command prompts are OK for certain things, but they don't allow close to as much direct access as DOS oses). With a DOS based OS, I could always boot from a DOS floppy and fix anything that went wrong.

For instance, 98 is so tweakable, and I really feel that it's the version of Windows most able to be customized/tweaked by the user. In addition to that, for productivity, it really is my favorite. It takes Office 97 the same time to load on a 750 MHz Celeron or 600 MHz PIII as it does Office 2007 on my 2.93 GHz Core i7 940. It has a basic interface, easy to work my way around, distraction free, and allows me to get work done.

Now don't get me wrong, for my Facebooking/Youtubing/Media/AutoCAD, Windows 7 is a great OS. It has some great improvements that help productivity, it's well built from the ground up (obviously a much better architecture than the 9x based operating systems).

I've got:

Photoshop 7

Office 97

Acrobat Reader 5

Visual Studio 6

And I prefer all these versions. I still use IE6 on those machines, because I prefer it's basic interface, and how out of the way the browser is. IMHO, it was the last web page centric browser (I do wish it had tabs). I don't do much internet on those machines, mainly basic web forums and blogs). I realize it's quickly becoming outdated and such, but I wish there was another browser out there today that I could put fullscreen on a 1024x768 monitor, use as little resources, and only have the basic functions to help me navigate the web. Again, this idea of providing only the fucntionality needed seems to be lacking from all of today's operating systems, in the case of trying to eye candy appeal to the customer.

In any case, I will continue to do as much productivity work as I can on my Win98 Desktop/Laptop, and only use my 7 Desktop and Laptop for Facebook/Youtube/Daily Browsing/AutoCAD.

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I know this is going to attract a lot of flak but... I'd say Windows Me was amazing in its time. I know, I know... You guys are going to say that it was a stupid, unstable OS but I'm talking about my experiences with it. For me it ran just beautifully. Much better than even 98SE.

When XP came, I was among the first few to switch over. Then to Vista and now to 7.

Today I'd say Windows 7 is my favorite OS. Although, kubuntu live CD has also saved my life a few times, that was a few years ago when it was only one of the very few live CD distros available and that too the simplest one to use at that. :D

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@sc7 Try "K-Meleon" - A no non-sense, basic functionality browser. Disable all the plugins if you have any installed and it works just beautifully. Its ultra-light and ultra-fast. I use it for urgent web page browsing where I just need to see basic html. No complicated graphics, flash, etc. Although, it also performs well if you want those features with the plugins enabled.

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I know this is going to attract a lot of flak but... I'd say Windows Me was amazing in its time. I know, I know... You guys are going to say that it was a stupid, unstable OS but I'm talking about my experiences with it. For me it ran just beautifully. Much better than even 98SE.

I ran Me for a while years ago before I had a machine that could handle Xp. For it's time, if you disabled system restore and certain other things, Me ran fine, just as stable as 98SE. Arguably the interface is a little more refined. However, I now use 98 because I can use Real-Mode DOS without hacking. That said, I didn't have bad Me experiences myself.

Anyway, I will definitely give K-Melon a shot, thanks for the suggestion.

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I love Windows 7 the most! :yes::wub:

In close second is Windows xp I love windows XP :wub:

Windows 7 is amazing and so is xp :yes:

XP is fast but Windows 7 is definatly faster than vista and xp combined! :yes::yes:

Can you explain how it is faster or give example or sources with benchmark? (I'm not saying this to be a troll, I really want to know.) Because everyone seem to be saying this, but to me it is only marginally faster than Vista and still have the annoying Vista layout (weird Display configuration layout with links instead of simple tabs like in XP, and Control Panel list items left to right and no details view) Opening a large executable file in Windows 7 with UAC turned on takes sometimes (ie 700mb), but I guess that goes with Vista as well. Even the simple act of opening a folder on 7 is slower than XP, half of the time the folder isn't in the view that you set it to, it has to be smart and thumbnail it. Or executing command lines in 7 taking slower than XP, when you write a bat file and launch them.

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