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  1. iTunes without QuickTime

    No it mean you need to install "AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi" to have iTouch and iPhone supported. iPod can work without the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.
  2. Xubuntu Live USB boot with UNetbootin?

    I would imagine Xubuntu like Ubuntu has USB Startup Disk Creator in System -> Admin. Can you try that option?
  3. Basic partition question

    I would get another 1TB hdd and make a second copy of the datas. I have a 3.5mm thing where it can insert two 2.5" harddrives. Once a while I insert a 2.5" back up and sync all the important datas with SyncToy, then eject the harddrive.The stupidest thing that can happen in this case would be to accidentally reverse backup process and tells SyncToy to overwrite the newer datas with old datas, also to delete all new datas not existing in the backup harddrive. If there is a project you are working on for thousand of hours and then completely lost it
  4. SyncToy 2.0

    Yes I have heard of that problem when you copy and paste many files Windows doesn't copy all of them. I really don't know why. I just tried it with 42,074 and gets 42,068 files. But I'm not sure if those missing files are any important of if they are just temporary files. To confirm this I searched for "thumbs.db", I found two on my left HDD, and none on the right HDD. My conclusion is they just left out some unimportant files, but I could be very wrong.
  5. Basic partition question

    I do it all the time, I tend to have 3 different OS installed in one hdd. I use GParted to delete, create and resize partitions. Though I never leave important data on the same harddrive. Edit: Actually now that I think about it, Windows Vista and 7's Disk Management has shrinking feature that can resize your partition. You can just use that. The GParted way: For the 1st hdd, you can use GParted to delete the Windows partition, then resize the 90% partition back to 100%. The thing is if you resize a partition and files within the partition has to be moved across the hdd aswell, then the resizing process will takes a very long time with 1.5TB of datas. Because if XP partition was to the left and got deleted, the 90% partition is expanding itself to the left, GParted also will move all files within the partition to the left. For the 2nd hdd, you can shrink it and leave 100gb of free space in the end of the hdd, then create a new partition out of that free space.
  6. Where did Wave out mix go?

    Do you also find something called Stereo mix among the disabled devices?
  7. Where did Wave out mix go?

    It seem to be something that come that only come with certain soundcard card. Did you install the latest audio driver for your sound card?
  8. Currently I am using Filehippo.com Update Checker. The downside is they only list softwares that are provided from their website. I am also aware for UpdateNotifier, but that one has a bit of advertisement touch to it. Just wondering if anyone know of even a better alternative than what I'm using and cover a wider range of softwares.
  9. Component Manual Install (setup.exe)

    The manual install as far as I know is required to run Windows set up within Windows and to keep the Upgrade feature. You don't need it for fresh installation by booting from the disc.
  10. When you read features claimed from this software it is a bit too good to be true, but I have read that it is actually a backend for malwares. Maybe someone with more knowlegde can shed some light for me about this software, but for now I will stay away from it. Read post #21 of this thread: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread....585#post1432585 This shows the registry modifications the UltraSurf.exe does: http://www.threatexpert.com/report.aspx?md...32956ef028b2b77
  11. May I add: Disable the notify if you have Windows Home version, which doesn't Local Group Policy: 1. Boot in safemode (F8). 2. Go to Avira install folder and right click Properties on the file "avnotify.exe". 3. In Properties, choose "Security" tab, then click on "Advanced" button. 4. In the Advanced Security Settings window and within the Permission entries list, select "SYSTEM" and click "Edit" button. 5. Check the box "Deny" for Traverse folder / Execute file. 6. OK all the windows until they all close and reboot. Disable the splash screen at start up: Regedit -> HKLM -> Microsoft -> Windows - > CurrentVersion -> Run - > avgnt. Add "/ns" in the end of the path value. (For Avira8 I believe you have to add "/nosplash" instead.)
  12. AUDIO PROBLEM IN WINDOW VISTA when run youtube

    Did you check to make sure you didn't turn off the volume for your media player. Also click on the volume icon in the taskbar on the bottom right and see if you didn't turn off the volume for the specific application you are using.
  13. Dell LCD Panel built in USB hub

    My understanding is, unless Dell provide the Win98 drivers in a CD, you may have to figure out the manufacturer and model of the USB hub within the Dell's LCD and get the win98 driver for it. After googling a bit I found this Windows 98 USB Mass Storage Device Drivers, I guess that is what you are refering NUSB to though. It should work with the variety of USB plug and play devices as stated from that website. As always, it is a good idea to list the model that you are referring to incase someone else who has it can share their experience.
  14. No, it simply dying because its a Hitachi. I speak from experience with Hitachi harddrives.
  15. Purchasing Games Online

    I have heard these stories, but I don't know how frequent it happen to people. Banning from an entire game is kind of like stealing your money to me, banning all games using the same engine is ridiculous. Everyone in your server got ban? It is possible to share the reason why you got banned? Or was it ban for no reason? Truthfully I only play DODS on it, my favorite fps game, I could careless if they ban me from all the other games.