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  1. Yes, the drivers are original hp, specifically the version 2.1 service pack did not have this problem. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/261302 I thought about the possibility of incompatibility with the library Snmpapi.dl Thank you for your attention
  2. Congratulations for the work you all do to keep life in Win98. I take this opportunity to point out that the instalation of HP printer on the network K850dn stops with the declaration of the impossibility to load libraries Tpc Mib. greetings
  3. Hi Tihiy Take a look at the continued presence of the following messages Revolution Pack 9.7.2 - kex 4 .5 final report : "powerbasic" getIconInfo 379F 32 getIconInfo 1d97 32 getIconInfo 476f 32 ................ ................
  4. Xeno, Tihiy, congratulations for a new version di Kex.... thanks for your great work I must report problem with installation of new KEx sometimes occurs following GOOGLEEARTH 5.2 version kex 4.5 final 2000sp4 GOOGLEEARTH caused an invalid page fault in form KERNEL32.DLL in 0187:bff80616. Registers: EAX=005500b4 CS=0187 EIP=bff80616 EFLGS=00010206 EBX=8238aef8 SS=018f ESP=0054fff0 EBP=00550074 ECX=00000003 DS=018f ESI=000000ff FS=193f EDX=00000000 ES=018f EDI=005500c0 GS=0000 Byte CS:EIP: 89 45 88 53 8b 45 08 56 8d 55 80 57 89 4d 94 c6
  5. Hi Xeno86, congratulations for your work, you must point out that when you exit Google Earth 5.1 the following message GoogleEarth has caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0187: bff80c19. Registers: EAX = 00000100 CS = 0187 EIP = 00010206 = bff80c19 EFLGS EBX = 8236dd24 SS = 018f ESP = 02ea0000 EBP = 02ea0030 ECX = DS = 018f ESI = e980f200 000000FF FS = 4ec7 ES = 018f EDX = 8238db68 EDI = 00000000 GS = 0000 Bytes at CS: EIP: 6th 06 8b 45 0c 66 c1 e8 04 89 7d e4 40 0f b7 c0 Picture of the stack: 8236dd24 00000000 82377884 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 02ea0000 02ea0778 bffc05b4 bff795b0 02ea034c bff912ce bff70000 ffffffff 00000004 ( see 556-560 Revolutions Pack 9.7.0) I hope you can fix it in the new version of Kernelex Greetings
  6. We recommend using KernelEx 4.5 RC 4, use DirectX mode, my system is fluid in his movements, E5200 cpu 6800gt graphics card. The stability is not comparable to the 4.3 version but has made a big step forward. The version 5.2 does not work. Maybe it's an argument for Xeno86
  7. Hi Tihiy, congratulations for the remarkable version 9.7, you can view the menu properly GoogleEarth 5.1 Greetings and thanks for your superb work Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. rc5 version also freezes at startup when there are network printers, I returned to rc4 is more reliable
  9. Explanations for the previous post With the latest versions of KenelEx you can start Google Earth, particularly the release 4.3.7204.0836 (beta) to an acceptable standard, while the release Google Earth 5.1.3506B, sometimes it is unstable and problems with the lack of texts in the menus. You can use Start \ Google Earth \ CLIENTS \ googleearth.exe directly from the folder where it was previously installed on XP. So start directx "\ Google \ Google Earth \ client \ googleearth.exe"-setDX The version of Google Earth 5.1.3506B, is the first that can afford to go under the sea. Greetings
  10. First of all congratulations to continuous improvement of KernelEx, 4.5 RC4 incredible job, Signals the possibility of using Google Heart 5.1.3506B. It is used in ways and XP2 2000sp4, the program can not be installed directly but can be activated using \Google Earth\CLIENTS\googleearth.exe directly from the installation folder xp. attention so start directx And 'sometimes unstable and there are no texts in the menu, but for the first time Windows 98 is under water.....
  11. For Advanced Member "Google Picasa 3.6" 1) during installation mode using XP sp2 2) first boot file Picasa.exe at XP SP2 page of language change is visible, if not see press "P" for Polish or "I" in Italian and 2 times sending and restart the program. Further change of language 1) change in compatibility mode defaut Kernelex 2) restart Picasa - Back English 3) close Picasa 4) change in compatibility mode XP SP2 Kernelex 5) restart Picasa page and change the language press "P" for Polish or "I" in Italian and 2 times sending and restart the program. Greetings
  12. Xeno86 Thanks for your work, I note that KernelEx 4.5 beta 2 has problems shutting down and starting of the system not present in version 4.5 beta 1. I would also that you can use Google Earth 4.3.7204.0836 (beta) Regards
  13. Print firefox 3.6 try changing 4.10.2222 in 5.10.2600 in regedit in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion" "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Active Setup \ Installed Components \ (10303d00-11d4-16dc-a58a - 00902766e933) To print correctly even complex pages with images to use only version 0_9_8 PDFCreator (print page 1 of 1 .....)
  14. To print correctly even print images via pdfcreator with version 9.8 (Page 1 of 1)......
  15. If you want to print with Firefox 3.6 should change the number that identifies the operating system 4.10.2222 with this 5.1.2600 in Regedit. There remains the problem in some cases for images
  16. Thanks Xeno86, Tihiy for Kernelex 4.0.2 and all who try it, a heroic job, you managed to work a professional CAD CAD & Pillar 3 release in all libraries, incredible
  17. Hello, I can tell you the possibility to use the msi x48c configured as follows BIOS default bios LAN disabled sound disabled ide SATA RAID enabled PCI Support Sound Blaster PCI 128 (removed changes in config.sys/autoexec.bat) Realtek LAN 3112 SATA controller qx6800 500gb seagate 7200.12 hd 2gb ram v-data 800 ddr2 Install OS 1) installed before on a motherboard asrock 775i65g 2) Unofficial Windows 98 SP 2.1 3) USB Maximus Decim 4) HIMEMX 5) .... 6) .. 7) improved installation tab msi, driver inf to x48 result: Sound ok lan ok SATA1 ok cd/dvd ok floppy ok usb ok partial success nvidia 8800 gt 512mb driver VBEMP x86 Project (1024x1280 60hz no hardware acceleration)

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