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  1. Ok, I have successfully tested on VM with a new clean install the new Kernelex 4.5.2015.3. Configuration: Win98SE with no service packs. I then installed the Kstub822 without having any problem. Tomorrow I try installing the SP 3.36 basic and RP 9.7.2, then I will install the rest of the extensions for Kernelex (K452stub, Iphlpapi4). Mcv'93
  2. USP 3.36 seem to install a ntdll.dll from XP, please see what happens when you manually downgrade to 4.90.3000 ! Yes, the U98SESP v3.36 changes list does state that NTDLL.dll v5.1.2600.6055 (WinXP SP3) is included, yet i have re-installed this version of the USP a few times and the NTDLL.dll in Windows\System\ remains at v4.90.3000 (WinME). (Perhaps this is a bug in the USP, or maybe the DLL is installed only as part of one of the auxiliary programs.) So it *is* v4.90.3000 on my system. - Doug B. The ntdll.dll v5.1.2600.6055 is installed on C:\ when you select support for the NTFS, else it is the version 4.90.3000.This evening I try the new version of kernelex. Mcv'93
  3. In the VM I tried it with Kernelex I also installed along with Kstub822 K452stub keeping the .ini file that I had originally without having problems. I have attached a picture, I hope will be of help. Mcv'93
  4. Hello, I tested the new kernelex on one virtual machine and on a real machine, and in both cases I have not noticed any problems. Besides kernelex of VM I installed the SP3.36 complete, IE6 and the Revolution Pack 9.7.2. On the real machine in addition to Kernelex I installed the SP.3.36 based, RP 9.7.2, IE6 and 98SE2ME. Thanks for the work! Mcv'93
  5. Hi, I tried to install the latest version of Kernelex posted by Leyok on a clean installation of Windows 98 and the installation is successful! I then tried to use the MPC (Media Player Classic v6.4.0.1 build 114, version no longer supported for Win98 and it works only with kernelex) but it crashes with an error in the DLL unicows.dll! In the other configuration I use I installed the kernelex 4.5.1 and does not give me any problems using MPC (which I use for several years now). For the test I used a clean version of Win98 with installed direct x 9.0c (used by MPC) and the file unicows.dll (directly from Microsoft). What should I do? Thank you for the work you are carrying out!
  6. Yes, I installed the kernelex... for what to me no problems? Edit: You're right, on the other PC without kernelex blocks scripts ... the other hand files are fine. Bye, Mcv'93
  7. I tested these files with no problem. I also successfully tested these here: DISPEX.DLL5.7.0.16599 VBSCRIPT.DLL 5.8.6001.23141 WSHCON.DLL Bye, Mcv'93
  8. Was these files tested? If not, I'm going to have to test each one separately.I have started working on the Windows 2000 Server files set. I can put it on hold for now and wait until you release your package. I know for a fact that some of the Script 5.X files won't work. MDGx had some of the files in his old packages of Script 5.X. Ok, I tested all the files in the list! These do not work on my PC: JSCRIPT.DLL 5.8.6001.23259 SCROBJ.DLL SCRRUN.DLL WSHEXT.DLL The others have not given me any problems. Other beta-tester??? Bye, Mcv'93
  9. Hello, I am happy that the SP has almost come to a final version. Well I'd love to have a section ADVANCED, where to find the Revolution Pack and KernelEX. By the way, hop found other updates that I had missed last time: Always QFE version of 2482017: inseng.dll from 6.00.2800.1662 to 6.00.2800.1663 and mshtml.dll from 6.00.2800.1662 to 6.00.2800.1663, Also you may install the patch shdoclc.dll universal refresh link: http://www.mdgx.com/files/SHDOCFIX.ZIP BTW, there is a reason why the Jpegim32.flt files should be present in both sp3.cab that supp.cab ? Thanks, Mcv'93
  10. Hello, look at the SP I noticed that the file jpegim32.flt is present in both Sp3.cab that Supp.cab, I also found new versions of the following files: ohci1394.sys from 4.90.3003.1 to 4.90.3004.1 (q284837) --> http://www.mdgx.com/files/ME284837.EXE shdoclc.dll from 6.00.2800.1106 to 6.00.2800.1443 (q834158) --> http://www.mdgx.com/files/Q834158.EXE and the QFE version of 2482017 (urlmon.dll from 6.00.2800.1662 to 6.00.2800.1663, wininet.dll from 6.00.2800.1662 to 6.00.2800.1663). Think they'd be an interesting place in the SP also HOSTS file? (ex: MVPS HOSTS) Thanks and see you soon. Mcv'93
  11. In fact, I followed the instructions but without success, however, with the old version of the DLL everything works very well. Mcv'93
  12. Hello, today I tried the SP3.0 (13 March) and I noticed that connecting any USB device I get the blue screen of death. After some testing I concluded that the problem is caused by Usbport.sys 5.00.2195.6941, replaced with version 5.00.2195.5652 everything works fine. Thank you for your work. Mcv'93
  13. Hello, today MDGx has added new updates: http://www.mdgx.com/upd98me.php VBVM60: Unofficial Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) SP6 32-bit Runtime Library MSVBVM60.DLL 6.0.9821 and TTFPAK: Added 60 TTFs (new total: 127) from Publisher 98 Extra Euro Enabled Fonts, some fonts newer than in the Service Pack. With these, the SP will be more updated. Bye. Mcv'93
  14. The new version is ok! This SP is practically perfect! Changes in the file infex.ini this text (line 18): "7=0,0,0,Uninstall Microsoft Virtual Machine" with "7=0,0,0,Uninstall Microsoft Java Virtual Machine" Bye. Mcv'93
  15. Congratulations for the work, the test is ok. I only noticed a couple of things to fix: 1) Java is missing in the voice "Uninstall microsoft virtual machine". 2) If not selected the "main updates" error appears: files needed, the files "explorer.exe" on (unknown) is needed. Everything else works perfectly. P.S.: Personally I prefer the previous logo.sys and logow.sys Mcv'93
  16. @PROBLEMCHYLD: Hello, the file vcache.vxd 4.10.2223 is already present in SP3.0 since beta 1; is the modified version by xeno86 Thank you for your interest in the Service Pack. Bye. Mcv'93
  17. Ah, toolbar icons. You need to keep at least one explorer window open to update them correctly. Ok, I understand. Thanks! Mcv'93
  18. Here's the screenshot with the standard icons before and after the passage of the mouse: Here, however, with the XP icon set: I noticed that not always the first change to the set. Bye. Mcv'93
  19. Hello, I tested RP 9.7.2, and I noticed the following issue: Menubar icons don't skinned on hover, I happen after changing the set of icons from XP or Vista to standard icon set and then back to XP or Vista. With the version 9.7.1 everything ok. P.S.: I have not installed the kernelex. Bye. Mcv93
  20. Thank for work. This new version has the same problems as the previous one: 1) creates a common files\system into the common files\system folder; eg. c:\program files\common files\common files\system\ 2) I see a blank error box about msjava, I not have msjava installed but Java SUN (Image attach). Good job!
  21. Hello, congratulations on the job. I noticed 2 things: 1) creates a common files\system into the common files\system folder. 2) I see a blank error box about msjava, I not have msjava installed but Java SUN. Good job! Mcv'93 Edit: common files\system\common files path
  22. Hello, congratulations for the job. I noticed that the file vgx.dll is not updated; I still version 6.0.2800.1612. Bye. Mcv'93
  23. Tested RPX BetaX: Good results with youtube... [Beta] Alpha=0 NoCleanup=1 NoSetDIBits=0 NoRestoreDC=0 NoGetDIBits=0 NoIsGDIObject=0 NoWackoHacko=0 Best results with youtube. [Beta] Alpha=0 NoCleanup=1 NoSetDIBits=1 NoRestoreDC=1 NoGetDIBits=1 NoIsGDIObject=1 NoWackoHacko=1 Bye. Mcv'93
  24. Yeah, and youtube works? Finally!Perhaps, get to see a movie full 1 time in 4. I do not know if it depends on algorithm is too aggressive but I upload the video jerky and then to 60% crashes. It seems that the CPU is working very slow because the PC will not change until the page or I close Internet Explorer. However I will do other tests. Bye. Mcv'93

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