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Stop Windows Update from replacing system files


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A while ago, I used Replacer.cmd to replace shell32.dll with a version with icons from Windows 95, since I just prefer the way that looks. However, just recently, Windows Update started putting it back to the Windows XP version. How do I stop Windows Update from modifying this file? It's really annoying needing to replace it again every time it changes. Please help me!

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Not a particualr module. Your only alternative is to either stop updates, investigate the contents/KB when Microsoft Update suggests fixes (via Custom), download an affected fix manually, extract it and repatch OR just repatch after the updates.

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You have a few options really.

1. You could use a different program to give the display effects you want. An example is one of the products of Object Desktop. Otherwise you could use a separate EXE or DLL and change your icons manually.

2. You could deny write access (NTFS permissions) to shell32.dll by the SYSTEM account, but be warned that you may experience other errors or BSODs because of this.

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