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IE8 can't perform full or quick edit in MSFN!


Browser fight!  

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  1. 1. Your favourite internet browser

    • IE8
    • IE7
    • IE6?
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Chrome
    • Maxthon
    • Netscape
    • KMLite
    • TheWorld
    • SRWare Iron
    • Epiphany (linux)
    • Galeon (linux)
    • Konqueror (linux)
    • IE5.5?

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Been on Firefox from very early days ( ver 1.06, July 2005 on win98 as I know to) Am currently on ver 3.07 on XP pro with IE7 for updates and the odd site that doesnt work right on Firefox

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So far i like Firefox but I've tried Opera, Safari and most IEs (except IE8).

I'm a tweak-freak so I just have to tweak most aspects of the browser to my taste.

I can do that quite well with Firefox (user.js, userchrome.css, add-ons) and that's the main reason why I use it.

Opera is a bit more difficult in that sense and IE's more limited in what you can do.

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IE8, Firefox has gone bad

Eh? :blink:

In what way has Firefox gone bad?

I still prefer Firefox and have done for ages.

If I was forced to use IE, I'd say that IE6 is the best version (from a UI point of view)

When it comes to Firefox, I prefer Firefox 3.0.x though, as I think 3.5 is a bit disappointing and there's a few things I'm not so happy with.

To be honest, when it comes to browsers, they all have their issues, so it's best (for a complete experience) to have two, possibly three browsers installed on your PC.

I keep Firefox and IE8 on my PC.

As for my Mac, it's Firefox all the way.

I also sometimes browse the net from my Amiga 1200 and prefer to use AWeb-II on my Amiga. I like iBrowse, but it's a commercial product that I don't think is worth the money (at the moment)

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I voted Firefox, though I liked Opera, too. There's no contest. Firefox has the best user control, and the ability to add so many extensions. Many of them I consider critical to my security and overall computing experience. Some people say the most useful extensions should just be integrated, and for the 3 big security extensions ( :ph34r: NoScript, AdBlock Plus, Better Privacy) I agree, but beyond that I don't agree at all. What I think is better, someone else might not like -- even if they are the one person in the world who hates something that's their perogative. And that's the point. Plus some people have slow systems and don't want extra crap.

Me, I can't live without TabMix Plus, Foxmarks, and a couple others, but some people don't even want the TMP features :blink: go figure. However, that's their perogative.

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