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Best free security tool


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Yes there are many products you can use, nobody can decide which products will be better for you, it is up to you to try them and make that decision yourself.

Most effective, resource hunger, user friendliness, GUI, support, regular updates, speed, configuration options are all subjective. If you wish to look at alternatives to what has been offered you could try:

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IMO the best free is using the included security features built into Windows, namely using a 'User' account and requiring RunAs to elevate. This is "too annoying" for most people so Microsoft introduced UAC in Vista, among many other security improvements. The difference was it was now enabled by default per say. However people thought this was annoying and now they are scaling it back even more in Windows 7. Usually a program doesn't even need Administrator rights to run, just some ACL tweaks; again too difficult for most people.

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Spyware Blaster v4.1 (awesome!)

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware v1.34 (awesome! if you buy it then it will run in real time but can be used as free)

Spybot - Search & Destroy (beats Ad-Aware by a mile)

I use Eset Smart Security v3.0.684.0 for my firewall and antivirus.

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@ DigeratiPrime

Totally Agree With You!


Some Of The Free Security Applications That never Let Me Nor My Comp Down Are As Follows!

1: Avira Antivir Personal (Also Available Paid Version)

2: Spyware Blaster

3: Comodo Firewall Pro (Arguably Better Than Some Paid Firewalls)

4: TrendMicro HijackThis (For Those Stubborn Infections)

Use Genuine Software, Use A Standard Account Instead Of Administrator, Though Annoying, Enable UAC And Use Common Sense.

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wow sorry for late reply guys...

Please I am a bit confused now with all these tools

Please (not because I am silly lazy but just confused) may you advise for the tools I should use because many suggested many tools above and I do not want to try something that may conflict with something else and I do not want to screw my computer and reinstall XP all over again.

Thanks and much appreciated :hello:

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