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How can I remove the installation path in the installer window ?


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first I want to thank for this very useful product.

As I mentioned at the title I want to remove the installation path that appears at the top of the progressbar in installer window.

can anyone tell me how can i do that ?

(withal I use wpi v7.1)

thanks in advance :thumbup

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oh no :no:

please i need it because i've hid the wpi folder in my dvd and i don't want anyone to know the path to my files.

I know some softwares show the hidden contents but the people i'm hiding it from don't know it. so it's very important that i can hide the exact path so they can't go into my folders through cmd or explorer's addressbar.

if you don't want to say it in this forum just send it to my email (lord_sepid@yahoo.com)

i'll promise not to say it to anyone.

please !

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Making it an option to not show the path is only because it will throw the "look" off alittle. I will look into it. It is easy for me to hide, but a fair amount of work to add the option.

Using another text color won't work unless you add your own css class and manually change it. But then each new version will need to up changed.

Give me a add or two and I will decide on something.

BTW, what is the big secret you need to hide and encrypt all this stuff? :sneaky:

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thank you mritter for being so kind to me.

i've been working on my project for two years, some of my files are so important to me that i'm not gonna lose them this easy.

i use wpi just to load them and this little line shows everything i don't wanna show.

i just didn't understand your meaning from the sentence you said : "Give me a add or two and I will decide on something."

i apologize i'm not so good in english

please help me through this

i appreciate your help

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you're right gospeed :D thank you

I will wait for your solution mritter but I have a very short time because i have to give a video trailer of my project to my boss and he's not gonna wait that long and i have to do it in the next few hours. i'll be glad to see your comment.

anyway thank you both :thumbup

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