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new updates for Windows XP for June 09:

KB969897 Cumulative Security Update for IE (new for IE8, replaces KB963027 for IE6/7) - critical

KB969898 Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX Killbits (believe replaces KB960715) - critical

KB961501 Windows Print Spooler (new) - critical

KB968537 Windows Kernel (replaces KB958690) - important

KB970238 Windows RPC (new) - important


I mention KB969898 should replace KB960715, but not positive. Killbit updates don't have an associated security bulletin so have to test to confirm.

There were also updates this month for Windows Search (KB963093), IIS (KB970483), Office (KB969514, KB969462, KB957632), and Active Directory (KB971055) for those who have those installed.

Welcome to the forum. Please re-read the first post, unless you want to maintain XP hotfix lists. It will be one less thing for me to do so I can do real life instead.

.... This thread is not intended as a game to who posts first on what replaces what on patch Tuesdays. If one needs to get information as early as possible on patch availability visit this site.

Edit: FDV added 2003 link

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Crash - Doing the hfnetchk is good for the host OS. If someone is populating an HF folder from scratch, they'd need lists. Personally I use the hfnetchk on my host OS and update accordingly. Nobody wants to step up to the plate and generate HF lists, so I'm the stucky. :( I'd rather be doing real life instead of this actually.

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Is it possible to run HFNETCHK from VM?

Having a WinXP VM patched w/ XP3, and Win2K VM patched w/ SP4 and UR1...

Then run HFNETCHK on patch tuesday and diff the output from the previous month's output.

Then updating the list would be a matter of doing a quick search of the new KB's @

MS® Download Center: Advanced Search,

which I believe works better than:

MS® Security Bulletin Search, or:

MS® TechNet Search.

Or does someone else know a better "search" at Microsoft? hehehe I found some of them even work differently depending on what link you take to get there, I've listed the ones that give the end-user the best options/results.

Edited by Crash&Burn
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It's possible to do use hfnetchk on a VM. I still use the commandline version through a batch file. It's nice to be able to run a quick batch on my host OS to see what I need. There's absolutely no need for IE or any webbrowsers to identify what hotfixes are missing. If you were to run hfnetcheck on a VM, you gotta compile the various flavors of OS's and different verions of IE and then organize it all into a list.

For me, I generated an automated spreadsheet where I just insert rows or move rows. Formatting the spreadsheet was interesting, but I was able to make excel generate the HTML file that FDV hosts. Updating the lists takes about an hour of my time a month. Honestly, I can find a million of other things to do than do update lists. People offer to help with lists, but "help" posts such as the one by Shardis really don't help me, actually posts like that annoy me. Hotfixwise - what replaces what and what is new is all in the link of the very first message on this thread. For example, all of June's hotfixes are all posted as June 9th. Just open each June 9th KB article and get what you need, if it applies to your OS, or do what I do and go through each OS and copy/paste direct download links, maintain KB article numbers, enter severity, description/fix and I also enter the Security Bulletin number so it's easy to see what replaces what. Then make sure you do the same for all OS's and all flavors of IE.

Maybe one of these days someone else will maintain this before I call it quits.

Edited by tommyp
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It'll end at some point one way or another. Hotfixes for XP are gonna be somewhat sporadic I think after July. I'm suprised that they (MS) keep releasing hotfixes for Win2K.

Unfortunately I've come across a few pieces of software (games, etc) that just wont play nice with win2k. Along with my Sony NWZ-S638F (walkman mp3) that incredulously can't do m3u playlists. It requires WinXP + a minimum of WMP10 for playlists... You don't actually have to use WMP10 or 11 to manage it, but installing those apps enables WinXP to create Playlists from the context menu.

Technology moves along, and if we're staying in the MS-World we'll need to leave our favored OS's behind :P

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Hotfixes for XP are gonna be somewhat sporadic I think after July. I'm suprised that they (MS) keep releasing hotfixes for Win2K.

Win2k-SP4 extended support ends 13 juli 2010.

WinXP-SP3 extended support ends 08 april 2014.

So no problem there untill then, atleast :)

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Hi there, mate :)

In the Win2k-SP4 update-list, then aren't there missing:

Windows2000-KB970483-x86-ENU.EXE - MS09-020 (IIS update).

I know it isn't suported because of the [DestinationDirs] section in the INF:

IIS.Files=65601				; destination determined at runtime

But shouldn't it then not just be listed as going into 'HFSVCPACK_SW1' folder...

Thanks alot for all your contributions, mate - it's much apreciated!

Thanks in advance...

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Martin, I just updated the list and sent off to FDV for hosting. The hotfix you mention is one of those server ones, or if IIS is installed. It will work in HF. The MS article says that it affects XP too, but nobody made a stink about it yet. lol

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Ohh - i'm sorry, i thought that IIS where installed by default on Win2k Pro, and didn't knew it was an optionl component...

Before your update-list where updated, then i checked the june bulletin and made a VM testrun that included the new updates, and afterwards when checking the fileversions in the installed VM of the new june updates, then all the updates was slipstreamed correctly, except that i couldn't find the file from the IIS update anywhere: Httpext.dll, and when i then looked at the INF, then i thought that it wasen't supported...

Thanks for the clarification, mate!

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Could you please tell me why you disagree with this note i made a month ago, please:

Wrong description: Windows2000-KB967715-x86-ENU.EXE; it's marked as junk and described as "Autorun disable...", but by reading the KB article through, then it states that the update dosen't disable autorun, and i'm not sure that it's really "Junk":

"The updates that this article describes fix a problem with the disable Autorun feature. Without these updates, Autorun for a network drive cannot be disabled"


Does this update change my current Autorun settings?

No. The update does not change the current Autorun settings on your system. Instead, the update lets users correctly enforce Autorun settings.

I don't include any of the updates which you mark as junk(or 'optional', as i only want high-priority updates), but i'm just in doubt about your clasification on this specific update though...

Thanks in advance, mate!

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