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NEC unveils massive 82-inch Monitor


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Still using a 1920x1080 resolution for a LCD size that big? I think thats way to small.

Indeed. That makes for gigantic pixels. Assuming it's 16:10, it should be about 46.6" x 29.1", at 1920x1200, that makes pixels close to 1mm big.

The whole point of big monitors (well, starting from a decent size at least) is to have more space for your apps, and a higher resolution. This thing just lets you do the same old thing, but to see everything bigger (which is pointless again because at 55" you have to stand back to see it all anyways). Windows' calc (in sci mode) would measure about a feet across, and about 8" high. It just makes everything look ridiculously big. I can't imagine how awful non-aliased fonts and such must look too at that size.

1920x1200 looks great at 24", but anything higher and I'd want a higher res. 2560x1600 must look great on a 30" LCD.

I'd MUCH rather have a pair of Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP than one of those (about 1/15 of the price for the pair too).

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