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Searching for Multi-Webcam Surveillance System


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Hi there,

i wanna secure my house with 3-5 USB-webcams placed in the windows.

For security reasons i also want the possibilty to connect to a videostream over the internet.

So what i need is a kind of surveillance system for multible webcams with own http based server software included.

Connection would run over No-IP.com DynDNS-Service.

I prefer a video stream over picture streaming. Recording is not planned for the beginning.

Does anyone know such a software?

Hardware which i wann use (Ex-ThinClient):

Via 800 MHz CPU


System i wanna use:

I want to place the OS on a CF card, so i prefer

a) kinda XP lite with XPe features on CF card

other OSs could be (when no problem with CF card)

B) Win2K Pro

c) Win98SE

Internet Connection (via Router):

DSL Upload 640 KBit (real 580 KBit), but i wanna be able to use internet for normal usage too, when at home.

Would be so great, if someone already has some experience with such a project and could give me a tip which software to test.

Thanks :hello: ,


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Tell me your joking with that machine spec! or you typed it wrong? :realmad:

Wasn't so long ago that a 800Mhz CPU machine with 512Mb of RAM was an excellent piece of hardware that costed a lot of money.

800Mhz is more than enough, I remember doing these sort of things on a Pentium machine running at 90Mhz and it worked well, I didn't had internet at the time but my webcam was used as a motion detector and toke pics when something changed while I was away, no need for recording video whatsoever.

Most major software products nowadays are somewhat bloated and fool people to get bigger resources when the same things were available with much older hardware.

In practical terms it's almost like using a shot gun to shoot a fly in the window.. :whistle:


To support multiple webcams you should opt for USB webcams because they are as cheap as possible and only need to worry about the proper cable extension (I don't remember exactly what is max length for this sort of cable from memory - you'll need to look it up if necessary)

On the web there are still available some freeware projects that run from win95 up to NT.

You will need IE to be installed on the machine - http://dorgem.sourceforge.net/

Some other options (freeware and shareware)





To remote control your machine you can also use VNC and directly view the webcam images from several open windows at the same time - I've done it a few times before and also worked a bit like I needed.

Good luck!


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