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So far, it looks great! Fast also from what I've noticed.

But we'll have to see it extensions can fill the void.

I would use Chrome more often but it doesn't support Roboform as of yet. I have almost a hundred passwords saved in Roboform. No roboform support = no chrome as main browser.

Hopefully, either Google or Roboform come up with a solution to allow roboform.

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Wow, so if you lose that your life is over... :unsure:
Well, not exactly. Most offer ways to reset your password but it's a hassle. Most passwords are to sites like MSFN - they're not that important (except MSFN of course); but I have many that are financial sites like banks, credit cards, etc. Of course, I do have the passwords memorized for important sites but Roboform makes life simpler - that's all.
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I've replaced it with I.E and I found it really good, the only problem is there's no favorites tab for easy access. There's also no automplete meaning it doesn't save your searches.

But I guess that's the basis for it being fast, it relies on the number of tabs you have open for how fast it works.

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