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Why on-board isn't bad...


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onboard sound tends to suck though, you usually get feedback when you move the mouse etc

i do have HD595's though

I've seen that in a few rare occasions though I can't tell you what exactly caused it. I believe it actually has nothing to do with the mouse but it may actually have to do with something between video and sound. (Your video card does redraw the mouse pointer everytime it moves, doesn't it?)

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Even the Linux drivers for it are great (and it works just fine with Compiz and all). Whereas flglx (for ATI cards) on Linux crash X several times a day and has countless bugs.
I've had one problem with the Linux drivers. I was using a OpenGL based modeling tool (Comsol Multiphysics, to be precise), and with postprocessing of the display, the entire system would hang when running off the Intel ingrated video (this was a G965 chipset). The moment I tried an ATI or nVidia card in the PCIe slot - no hanging.

Still - that's the least problematic of the lot. ;)

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Most crashes I see are shaders/core/RAM out of sync (1MHz could mess up a card real bad).

Well, we're talking about nvidia drivers here :P

They certainly don't need that to crash, and it's not just video drivers either. Most of the drivers they write seem to have issues (e.g. nvappfilter.dll -- even Mark Russinovich covered that one). This is why I don't buy boards with their chipsets (I've been burned by several -- VIA KT133 was the worst, but they gave up on making chipsets). Also, I remember seeing very similar statistics straight from MS themselves and surely 87% of BSODs don't happen because of OC'ing.

I was using a OpenGL based modeling tool

Ah, I don't think I've used anything OpenGL-based in lot of years, so I can't say.

Anyways. AMD's solutions are much nicer than Intel's here. The Intel chipsets with onboard video (e.g. G45) don't seem to make it to many boards (mostly cheap mATX), and AMD's is nicer in several ways (e.g. often has 1GB of sideport memory) and actually makes its way on some nice boards. Oh well.

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Correct - especially if you're using Vista (and doubly-so for x64), watch out for nvidia drivers. I've actually seen the driver talking to an 8800GT completely hard-lock a Vista box when playing a video. I couldn't even crash it with a PS/2 keyboard or break in with a debugger on the COM port - completely, utterly hard-locked. Epic Fail.

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