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Home Surveillance System


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Hey All,

I am posting a request for some suggestions on a home surveillance system as my neighborhood has been plagued with vandals over the past month that have done damage to several houses near me, including my elderly neighbor lady. We have spoken to the police and there is really nothing that they can do unless they catch the people, or have proof of who it is. They also said that they would step up patrols in my area, however, now there are fewer then before!!!

I am looking for a surveillance system for outside my home (pref. under $600 total), maybe something with 2-5 cameras... maybe IR/Nightvision, maybe motion sensor activated. I have an extra computer that I can dedicate to this task, but I have no clue as far as software for capture/monitoring...

Any input would greatly help me out.

Thanks in advance.

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And if you want to have a more of a 'do it yourself' set up ( I looked at this stuff but never did it. I had one of the cameras but in B/W and it worked ok.):

Camera: Color camera with 80 feet of cable. $40

Programs to control video feed and I believe they all have motion detection plus different recording/transmitting features.($10-$40):

Supervision cam


Blue Iris


You will need to decide how you connect the RCA connectors to your comp.


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Hi twig123

Im in the same boat here in the UK. Bloody vandels have been kicking holes in our fence and we need to spend £700 quid building a wall to replace it now..Grrr.

Im also looking at seting up a home surveillance. The NV5000 that DJpro suggested (thanks) looks good and i can pick one up on Ebay for £99. But I not sure the COLOR SECURITY CAMERA Mark suggested (thanks Mark) are they any good?

My front fence is 22feet, 5.5 metres from my front door so i would buy 2 camera on the left and right of the roof above the door. Are these cameras able to pick out faces (night or day) from this distance? (looking at the site it says 10-12 ft. audio range which isnt a problem as long as the video are fine. Can you get them in the uk?


Been surfing around, this look good Packages

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I can't qualify how good the cameras are. I got one in B/W and it worked well enough for the price. I've read on the net that they won't take being hosed down even if they say they are waterproof (it shouldn't be a concern if they are mounted under an eve)

There are other cameras out there in the same price range: $39.99

190 Pounds for one camera and their system just sounds like a lot of money. Here is an article by someone who set up their own: Webpage.


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