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WPI 7.0 Themes

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The theming engine has DRASTICALLY changed so please browse a couple of the current themes found here:


Or here:


These all are updated to the new engine...

Also please post any custom themes here to share with every one else...

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thanx guyz and waiting for other cool themes

some links are dead , plz can you re-vive them?




i noticed this as well, it seems to be that the themes are there but under another name (i.e. where the hyperlink points to needs to be changed).

try manually changing the path name in your browser to "evil_vista.rar" and "Kels_vista.rar".

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have following problem:

when directing mouse to program in the main window, usually can see a picture with description for this program,

but if using themes with eyes (mritter_eudock or Vista_Ultimate) i can see nothing!

if switched to other theme (for example server) all description appearing normally, so it's not problem of config.js

may be somebody know what need to change in themes with eyes for see description?

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