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  1. Hi! There was some bug in the Hungarian file. Here is the new one for 8.7.0. lang_hu.js
  2. Here is an AutoIt script for AIMP3 silent installion. Autoit can't use buttons or keys in the installer, so I created a mouse clicking script. The script will click on the buttons coordinates depends on the window's position. You can change the setup.exe name from an ini file. aimp_script.au3
  3. Hi! WPI always skip one command after reboot under Win 7. I have the following commands: install SPTD driver (exe), reboot then run daemontools script (exe). I tested on several machines and none of them run the daemon script, after rebott WPI just jumped to the next app. I can't find in the log either. It works in Win XP. I still have a jumping page problem in the app selection page. Sometimes I can't acces the second page, because it's jump back to the first one. Usually I run WPI on a clean Windows XP or Seven. If I change the desktop resolution, then it's working.
  4. I attached the new Hungarian language for WPI 7.6.0. Please update Magyaroknak friss nyelvi fájl. lang_hu.js
  5. I always use the newest WPI version. I have found this bug around v7.0.0. My WPI config have 130-140 items (2 pages in 1280x1024). When I run the WPI on a brand new XP SP3 machine (all hotfix installed) and the resolution is 800x600 the the WPI always jump back to the first page after a few seconds. I didn't see this bug in 640x480 mode, but rarely in higher resolution. I copy the config.js from the previous version, but everything else is new. I always use the Tango theme. Any idea what cause this jump? It's very annoying. Another small bug: I configured several dependences and since 7.2.0 one of them isn't grayed in default. Both of them is unchecked in default. 'B' selectable if 'A' is checked else B is grayed but it isn't (everything else is gray only one). When I select-deselect A once then B became gray. Thanks
  6. Thnx! Another Bug After a reboot the language is English. I think the translation do not load.
  7. Hi! I updated WPI to 7.2.0 from the previous version (I have 148 items). When I add or remove an item in the Config window and press Save button, the Selected item and the Item's config do not match. Exaple: I added a new app: CCleaner then pressed Save button Now If I select the CCleaner from the list I get an another program's name, desc, etc. (Usually I get the last program's settings) I have to reopen the config windows, then it's working.
  8. When I select a program the command will be empty or became the previous commad. I have to select it twice. And a another bug, If I start the USSF (in WPI) then most of the times ALL command line will be deleted. I use WPI 7.1, but I seen this bugs in v7.01
  9. When I select a program in the command line x the command will be empty I have to select it twice. And a another bug, If I start the USSF (with button) then the command will be deleted. I use WPI 7.1
  10. Modofied Tango Theme. I changed some color, because some text was almost invisible. Tango.zip
  11. Here is an updated Hungarian language file for WPI 7.0
  12. I have the same problem with USSF. When I start the USSF from WPI, sometime overwrite the command line (or the next line) right after it started. I don't know what cause this, but I often see this bug from v6.5. Moreover I get this bug after I reboot the PC and start the USSF in the first time.
  13. Here is the whole WPIScripts folder. I use a modified Tango theme (I modify some color, because I couldn't see some text). I will delete the WPI folder (expect config.js) then test it again. I didn't see the next - previous text on the last "jumping" pages.
  14. I tried this scenario, but I would like to add a registry item which start the script every reboot, like WPI. I just don't know where should I add the script patch.
  15. Autoit script. Close some windows if exists $i=1 While $i <> 0 $i=WinExists ( "Windows Post-Install Wizard" ) sleep(3000) If WinExists ("xxx") Then WinClose ("xxx") WEnd
  16. I add more than 100 item to the WPI. It is working fine, expect the new 6.5.1 version. It the resolution is small (800x600) then there is 4-5 pages in the program selection. I can't use the last pages, because the WPI ALWAYS jump back to the third page. I tried on two different XP SP3 and no luck. If I changed the resolution (example 1024x768) then it worked.
  17. I would like to start a script before WPI. The script close any annoying popup during the installion. However I don't know how can I start the script. The WPI start the script, but after a reboot the script do not start. I tried the RunOnce entry. Anyone know how can I start this program before WPI ?

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