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  1. Customizing WPI

    2 mritter thanks a lot some other questions were arised: 1. in the options wizart has set number of columns = 4, but in the main window i can see 3 columns only, what need to do for see 3 cols and empty space instead of 4th col, in case successful allocation all programs among 3 cols (see screenshot) 2. found very strange event - in tool tip some pictures didn't display, but the same pictures displayed via config wizard (see screenshot) - what need to fix from my side? 3. in previous version only text has been diplayed in the config wizard, now we can see pictures, but i don't understand how to add/remove, set weight/height for it - pls adv 4. how forced set where tool tip should be displayed? (i mean top part or bottom of the main window) as in some cases tool tip has diplayed in less part of main window <img src="./graphics/1.gif" width="128" height="0"><img src="./graphics/util_system.png" width="128" height="128"><img src="./graphics/cclear.png" width="128" height="128"><img src="./graphics/xptweaker.png" width="128" height="128"><img src="./graphics/RegMech.png" width="128" height="128"><img src="./graphics/sm.png" width="128" height="128"><img src="./graphics/tu2007.png" width="128" height="128"><img src="./graphics/1.gif" width="128" height="0"> ps. found following - if use code <img src="./graphics/1.gif" width="960" height="0"> tool tip will be display correctly, if remove height="0" will got the same result as last screenshot
  2. Customizing WPI

    there are couple questions regarding customizing of face (see screenshot) 1. What need to do for display full name of application, as width of column is enough? (guess some change in *.htm file of used theme) 2. How to remove underline in location of empty picture? (use code <img src="1" width="64" height="0"> for increase width of column, Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702) 3. How to remove underline in name of section
  3. WPI v7.5.0

    2 All something wrong with download link downloaded a little util 23 kb with Winnie the Pooh on air ball, it's funny but i want to have wpi... i know that problem may be with provider machine, or incorrect configuration of proxy server, but it's too involved for understanding... who can give me a correct link, may be a mirror...
  4. WPI v7.2.2

    @mritter so, i need to download distrib of 7.2.2 one more and check with it, correct? or you fixed it in not public release?
  5. WPI v7.2.2

    2 Kelsenellenelvian thanks, what abt #1 in the previous version user can save several files with extension 7z (for example) in one folder, and all of them will be extracted using one command, in 7.2.2 it's not working... may be better to add #3 as option to useroptions.js in next version? and give to user chance to choice - keep in registry last location of config files or not?
  6. WPI v7.2.2

    found 3 problems/bugs in 7.22 ( wpi running from hdd/flash-drive on completely installed Win XP SP3 eng + RyanVM's Post-SP3 Update Pack or at Win XP SP2 rus + all updates via automatiс update service) 1. not working command like: %extract% "%WPIPATH%\Install\5xx.media\530.vlc\*.7z" "%programfiles%" in 6.4.1 it's woks fine 2. folder with WPI.hta have got name "WPI_722" and placing in the root of usb flash drive (i:\WPI_722\WPI.hta) can't save changing in config.js or/and useroptions.js as "can't save to cd/dvd" why???? in 6.4.1 it's woks fine 3. all versions have foll bug: thera are 4 folders with wpi: i:\WPI_722\WPI.hta (version 7.2.2) usb flash disk i:\WPI\WPI.hta (version 6.4.1) usb flash disk f:\WPI\WPI.hta (version 6.4.1) hdd disk f:\WPI_722-01\WPI.hta (version 7.2.2) hdd disk after working with 7.2.2 from usb (i:\WPI_722\WPI.hta), try to run wpi 6.4.1 from hdd or from flash-drive, wpi 6.4.1 using useroptions.js from 7.2.2!!!! and not works, as at 6.4.1 using Orange_mood theme, 7.2.2 using CorporateIT, and wpi 6.4.1 don't contain theme CorporateIT after rename foder with 7.2.2 can start 6.4.1 normally with using own useroptions.js the same situation with 7.2.2: after working with 7.2.2 from usb (i:\WPI_722\WPI.hta), run wpi 7.2.2 from hdd, made changes in config.js and useroptions.js pressed save and exit application, how i was surprised found that all changes saved at wpi folider located at flash disk!!!
  7. WPI 7.0 Themes

    2All have following problem: when directing mouse to program in the main window, usually can see a picture with description for this program, but if using themes with eyes (mritter_eudock or Vista_Ultimate) i can see nothing! if switched to other theme (for example server) all description appearing normally, so it's not problem of config.js may be somebody know what need to change in themes with eyes for see description?