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Problems integrating IE7, patches & updates


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I have searched around the forum and the only advice I found there on how to integrate IE7 in the install (XP Pro) is by dropping the IE7 installer in the 'addons & updates packs' section. It does not work_ anyone managed to integrate IE7?

Also I successfully slipstreamed WMP11 but nLite does not accept its patches and fixes

Lastly, I also successfully integrated SP3 but nLite rejects every single one of the 12 or so post-SP3 Windows update. Any reason?

Anything I am not doing properly?

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Here's the process I used that worked:

1) Start with a clean unmodified copy of your source files.

2) Slipstream SP3 using nLite.... then exit nLite.

3) Run WPM11 Slipstreamer ***without*** hotfixes.

4) Go back into nLite and drop your IE7 installer into the 'addons & updates packs' section.

I put the IE7 installer as the very first line before anything else.

5) Add the IE7 security update hotfixes right below the IE7 installer.

6) Add additional hotfixes and addons as desired.

Be very selective on adding in hotfixes. nLite will not allow you to slipstream SP2 hotfixes once you have slipstreamed SP3 and they will fail. I slipstream only known SP3 hotfixes then build and test my ISO image using Virtualbox. Then I run Microsoft update to see what hotfixes are still needed and then go back and add those into nLite. You need to understand what the various hotfixes are for and determine whether or not they apply to your particular situation. Running Microsoft Update as outlined above will help you do that. Some hotfixes can not be integrated and must be installed.

There are some complete hotfix packages on the Internet that people have put together but I don't use them as a matter of preference. You basically drop them into your 'addons & updates packs' section.

Just remember that you can always go back and add hotfixes as necessary, so start with the basics and go from there if you're having problems.

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ThanX for the advice ki_supergeek. I got SP3, IE7 and WMP11 slipstreamed and they installed fine with Windows. I am really struggling with hotfixes though: 1 of the 3 IE7 hotfixes did not install and none of the WMP11 want to. I might have to give up on those and stick to using Windows update after install.

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Just curious is that failing hotfix: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB950759)

For some odd reason I cant install it from windows update. It just fails :blink:

Are you running SP2? I think the WMP11 slipstreamer had that problem when using SP2.

Check the WMP11 slipstreamer forum for details.

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