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  1. You are right. Although I selected multiple and single drivers properly, it did only integrate one .inf files from each multiple drivers folder every time instead of integrating the lot. Does any one know how to force nLite to take all the files from a folder?..
  2. Here it is. Cheers. Any suggestion on what i am doing wrong will be appreciated. Happy Xmas to you all. LAST_SESSION.INI
  3. I can't see any case of nLite simply "refusing" to run on a valid installation. Do you get any error message during the drivers integration step ? Or maybe you remove components that are needed for those drivers to run properly. Were you able to install those same drivers on the running machine after that same install ? I don't get any error message when i put the drivers in nLite. But once my nLited version of XP is installed, you find out that the drivers haven't been installed. I am not removing the needed components as I can install the drivers afterwards with no issue...
  4. Do you mean that you would like to see my last session.ini files? how do I attach it to a post? You can't run it twice against the same source as it would refuse to do it any way...
  5. I am currently working hard on slimming down XP for the AAO netbook; I put all its drivers for integration, but every time the install is finished, I realise that the drivers have not installed during setup. I drop all the extracted .inf files fro from the driver CD, but for some reason, they don't integrate. Anyone hqs successfully integrated AAO drivers in their nLited version of XP?...
  6. Do you have the latest drivers both firmware and software for your Optical drives? Are you running AnyDVD in the tray and the latest version of that? Is there any other Burning software (Nero? Lightscribe?) taking partial control of the optical drive. In particular Nero early versions (<7.0) were not Vista compatible Frenchy it is an Advent laptop i bought new in March this year, and there are no software or firmware updates for it around. AnyDVD is not the problem, and it is a recent version. I do have Nero7 installed on it, but I only use Nero Backitup to back up my partitions - and I need a Nero file in the system for the DVD players and other disc applications to work properly. Should I try and upgrade to Nero 8? (hich I hate)
  7. OK I'll try that and get back to you - cheers I'm not sure how to do this. Can anyone tell me?
  8. I've had to install Vista on my main PC as for some unsolved reason I now get a BSOD error every time I try to install XP. Anyway, since I've had Vista, ripping a DVD is a challenging nightmare. I get an error message most of the time on most of the discs Program freezes and I have to abandon the ripping. At best, when it does rip the DVD, it does it at 1.9X when XP could do it at up to 9X, so it takes ages. Any tip on what I can tweak to improve this? I've tried smartripper, DVDShrink and CloneDVD with the same results...
  9. this is not true... Can you please develop? Because I've tried 3 or 4 times to optimize my booting time with bootvis but it doesn't want to do it_ it needs the Windows defragmenter which apparently needs the task scheduler to work. i've tried defragging with a third party app then run the optimization again. But it still doesn't work. if you know a way of making bootvis without task scheduler, you are welcome to explain: I can't find the task scheduler in TinyXP09 and I suspect it's been removed.
  10. OK I'll try that and get back to you - cheers
  11. I actually reformatted the drive first (several times) then I partittioned it. Jaclaz, thank you for the suggestion but surely I cannot wipe out the 1st 100 sectors of the disk without destructing my partitions, the files on them and my vista install? or can I do that on just one partition? cheers
  12. Run a malware and/or virus scan on your computer... Run msconfig.exe and click the Startup tab... It should display a list of startup programs. Browse thru the list, uncheck suspicious items or items you don't want loaded with Vista. It simply was a virus. How could I not think of this?! Thanks mongo66 for help and accurate suggestion - much appreciated . Thread can be closed.
  13. It is not a CD problem. It places the install files fine on the HDD. It's when it does its first reboot to start the windows setup that it goes wrong. BIOS problem is more likely. I 've been trying to find a bios update for my laptop for the last 5 days. Without any success. It's a Phoenix BIOS and even Phoenix don't seem to give any hint on where to download a bios. Any suggestion welcome.
  14. Since yesterday, when My Windows Vista has started up, I get the 2 following pop up windows: Could not load or run "C:\Users\GAINE specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry. Could not load or run 'FAMILY\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Manager.exe" specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry. I do not have any Adobe software installed on my PC, so where does that come from? I have tried the following 3 solutions: -system restore. But it failed - how helpful is that? -restoring a previously backed up registry state from when that did not occur. -fixing the registry with the Registry Fix software I also tried to go in the registry to find the faulty entries, but that was a bit of a long shot and obviously did not find them Nothing worked. What else can you suggest?..
  15. I have formatted the whole drive. There was nothing left on it. And I was able to install Vista... Some suggest that because the laptop was supplied with and conceived for Vista, I might need a BIOS upgrade - but I've installed XP on it before! What do you think?

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