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Alternative location of Setup files when installing from HD media

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Now I have removed CD-Drive from Boot Sequence and used

cdrom --init map --hook

running the following command

find --set-root /win51ip.sp3 

give me (hd64) as output and running the following command

root (hd64)

gives me (hd64) Filesystem type is iso9660, using whole disk

Now Booting the small ISO: Again BSOD 0x7B stuck

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Look, if you read attentively the given thread:

it is clear how the result of using a cdrom(xyz) arcpath normally results in a 0x0000007b, and usually VV2006 (and all the other posters on that thread) actually know where their towel is :yes:.

If you try and explain what your actual issue/problem is (as opposed to revolving around what is the solution to it according to you) maybe it is possible that someone can help you in solving or workign around the actual problem/issue :).

If you want to go ahead along that path, possibly you may find of interest this thread here:
which hints about a "hybrid boot" of a PE 1.x (and the Windows XP install is a "particular" kind of PE 1.x), though still there is not (yet) a solution for booting from CD-ROM. :(


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