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Problem please help

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I have worked out that you need to change only 5 screens to change the background on install.

The files and there whereabouts are as follows.

1/ Boot.wim windows/system32/winpe

2/ Boot.wim sources/spwizimg-image 517

3/ Insall.wim windows/system32/spwizimg-image 517

4/ Insall.wim windows/system32/oobe/ image-msoobe

5/ Insall.wim windows/system32/oobe/OOBEResources RC Data OOBE_BAKGROUND_0 & OOBE_BAKGROUND_LARGE_0

Thx for the help man. I got everything working and I am also tweaking with some other DLL files. I was able to get my BG working. Now I only have one problme. My BG works all good, but after windows installs updates, then restart, and after restart the default background is shown. Any comments on this crazy problem.

Just to let you know I am using VMware to test my ISO out. Is this ok? Agin thx for the help!

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try the msoobe.exe.mui file it has the string!

In the msoobe.exe.mui file it has these lines:


"9pt;;;Another Typewriter;ClearType"


What do they do? John

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