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Network and Sharing Center: The page failed to load


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You can download media player 11 from microsoft download center,
Show me where, because I don't see a Windows Vista x64 WMP download anywhere. I doubt that the XP x64 WMP will install in Vista x64.

I'm using wmp 32bit in vista x64 without any issues..... but if you want to try it out, just download the one for xp x64 and... try it out maybe?

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Just to inform you, I'm working to try and find out what service makes this error appear and will post back here with my results.

Services Tested :

Computer Browser Passed

DHCP Client Passed

Diagnostics Failed

Distributed Link Tracking Client Passed

Distributed Transaction Coordinator Passed

Remote Registry Passed

Windows Remote Management Passed

Windows Search Passed

[edit] Keep Diagnostics and you should be good to go.

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I had this problem in the past, I'm not completely sure but for me I slipstremed SP1 using vlite and that created this problem. Then I acquired SP1 already intergrated by Microsoft, then I removed the same components and I don't have the problem.

I don't know if it is only me that has this slipstream problem, but if you slipstremed as well...

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I have found that


will cause the "The Page Failed to Load" error.

This is one service that will make the error happen. I have not tested all the other services so if you encounter the error with Diagnostics enabled please reply.

Good luck :)

ps : Windows Vista x64

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Diagnostics did not do it for me. I can't believe I need to enable the Event Log. Jees!

Should it still be possible to connect to a wireless network. When I go to Network then click on the top bar (where it says "Click to connect") I can see my router and I double click to connect but it immediately comes back saying it can't connect. Is that because of Event Log as well?

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