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  1. I had this problem in the past, I'm not completely sure but for me I slipstremed SP1 using vlite and that created this problem. Then I acquired SP1 already intergrated by Microsoft, then I removed the same components and I don't have the problem. I don't know if it is only me that has this slipstream problem, but if you slipstremed as well...
  2. Stability is a mixed bag, the system is stable even with the low RAM, and maybe it is the simplistic hardware but I swear it gets to the login screen faster than my main computer (when I feel like running Vista). However I can't shutdown I'm left with a black screen with a flashing _. The scores are not all 1.0 (surprise). Obviously the ATI Rage Mobility cannot run Aero and gets 1.0 for both Graphics and Gaming Grapics. The RAM also gets a 1.0. Surprisingly the 600Mhz Celeron processor gets a 2.9, and even more surprisingly my Hard Disk (10GB) gets a 3.1. Now drivers... Windows does not autodetect anything, which is a surprise because I left the driver section untouched. Normally this is not an issue I grab the XP inf folder and XP's driver.cab. Because this computer is slow I don't bother extracting driver.cab (and I forgot to mention this computer's USB port is broken and it has no internet (no spare PCMCIA card lying around) and the PCMCIA USB thing doesn't work in Vista... so I'm left with CD) so I plan to extract it as needed, in XP a message will popup asking for a file. In Vista it is different, if it can't find the file it will exit with an error. So I had to guess which files it needed and spent time getting the sound and video working. And that's about it, except for the surprisingly faster than expected bootup it is still slow. Oh yeah none of the screensavers except Windows Logo, Blank, 3D Text and Bubbles run. Bubbles run......... though it looks very messed up.
  3. For fun I installed heavily vlited Vista Ultimate SP1 on a 600Mhz and 128mb RAM laptop, and it works... I'll post screenshots if anyone wants to see it. I actually tried installing it on a PII with 64mb RAM (also for fun) but I can't get past the extracting file section because it reboots into WinPE which can't fit on 64mb of RAM. I tried to disable services on WinPE (using WinPE v1 cd) and all the other stuff, but still doesn't work. I still have a few ideas left to try, but don't have time to try it.
  4. I'm using nLite for awhile now and things are OK, however I am getting some weird problems with themes and visual effects. I patched my uxtheme.dll (with nLite) then loaded, my custom theme loaded OK. My visual effects are adjusted for "best appearance". However, the visual style might not work on reboot then all the visual effects would work. When I restart again the visual style is back, however some of my visual effects won't work. I restarted again now my themes are gone... I am running on Virtual PC, could that be an issue? Or is there a simple registry fix?

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