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  1. I have found that "Diagnostics" will cause the "The Page Failed to Load" error. This is one service that will make the error happen. I have not tested all the other services so if you encounter the error with Diagnostics enabled please reply. Good luck ps : Windows Vista x64
  2. Just to inform you, I'm working to try and find out what service makes this error appear and will post back here with my results. Services Tested : Computer Browser Passed DHCP Client Passed Diagnostics Failed Distributed Link Tracking Client Passed Distributed Transaction Coordinator Passed Remote Registry Passed Windows Remote Management Passed Windows Search Passed [edit] Keep Diagnostics and you should be good to go.
  3. Popcorn

    Extract Drivers

    Because Windows Vista has some drivers for some old hardware which isn't easy to find on the internet.
  4. Popcorn

    Extract Drivers

    Hi, This might be a good feature request, but how about extracting the drivers from the Vista image and allowing them to burnt as a sort of rescue disk. This would allow you to remove all the drivers and still have them on disk so you could use it for offline installation.
  5. This is not a vLite problem, but it's due to faulty software. http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...1&SiteID=17
  6. www.autopatcher.com They provide all hotfixes public / non public after Vista SP1. Also they include DirectX, Office, Dot Net updates
  7. Hi, When I've tried to install Steam the installer for some reason or another it wouldn't copy over any .dll files and I end up having a corrupt installation. I've used vLite in increments so the session.ini file doesn't have the full list of the items removed, so I was hoping if anyone had a similar experience could help me out on this one. [edit] I've copied over my files from another installation and they work, so I'm now trying to find the root of the corrupt installation. [edit] It appears Steam needs to be connected to the internet for it to download some installation files. False alarm.
  8. Popcorn

    Corrupt Drivers

    Thanks daiwan. I will try and integrate the drivers from the manufacturers website. Kind Regards, -Mathew
  9. Popcorn

    Corrupt Drivers

    Any clues on this? Would it matter that I'm running an OEM version of Vista?
  10. Popcorn

    Corrupt Drivers

    Hello, I recently made a vLite image and integrated some drivers from my current working installation which were backed up using "Driver Magician". However, when I installed Vista it said that the drivers were corrupt or missing and couldn't be loaded. The Wacom and Marvell Yukon hardware was not recognised, while the Realtek hardware was recognised, but the driver failed to load. Is this is a problem with vLite or did I use the wrong procedure for integrating drivers? I've attached my log file. Kind Regards, -Mathew Last_Session.ini
  11. Just tested and it works as expected. I also just noticed that vLite uses the Autounattend.xml for it's installation which is pretty cool. Thanks for the replies guys. Kind Regards, -Mathew.
  12. Hello, Is is possible to put the generated answer file from WAIK on the installation media and have it work as expected? Kind Regards, -Mathew

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