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Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release


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I am MSDN subscriber and I have not received any notification about Service Pack 3 release.
I may have BAD NEWS!!! for you neo http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...4&SiteID=17

EDIT: Here is more info to back what that guy is saying http://blogs.msdn.com/nickmac/archive/2008...ine-update.aspx

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Paul Thurrott's Windows SuperSite has a release schedule for SP3:

RTM (release to manufacturing): April 21

Windows Update (optional update): April 29

Microsoft Download Center: April 29

MSDN/TechNet download: May 2

Windows XP SP3 fulfillment media (CD-based): May 19

Volume license customers download: June 1

Windows Update/Automatic Updates: June 10

(SOURCE: http://www.winsupersite.com/faq/xp_sp3.asp)

I'm a tad annoyed that there won't be CDs until late May...

Also, am I the only one who noticed that SP3 suddenly requires SP1 or SP2 to be installed first?

To install SP3, your computer must meet the hardware and operating system requirements listed below. In addition, your computer must at least be running Windows XP with Service Pack 1 installed.

We recommended that you have Service Pack 2 installed before installing SP3. You can download Service Pack 2 at the Windows XP Service Pack 2 website.

(SOURCE: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsxp/cc164204.aspx)

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I seem to remember reading somewhere that Microsoft stated that SP2 would have to be installed before you could install SP3.

I haven't tried to nLite SP3 on anything less than a genuine copy of XP with SP2 already on it, so I don't know if it will work with no Service Packs on the disk or not.

Here's what the winver looks like for the RTM version of SP3.


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For those that have Technet or MSDN accounts, SP3 is now available to you. So download and enjoy it as they say around here, "legally". Something FREE being considered warez. Go figure. :rolleyes:

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Found this on MS Technet forums Don't Slipstream it in Vista.

"I know, it's weird, but do it in Vista, and XP SP3 will not accept your valid VLK when you're installing XP."

Why would anyone do that anyway??? The setup program calls setup API's from the currently installed Windows version FIRST, before using its internal setup mechanism. I did it in a Windows PE version built on Windows Server 2003 R2, where there is no Windows Setup API's loaded as part of the OS, and it worked fine (Windows Server 2003 has the same basic kernel as Windows XP).

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