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  1. Version 7264 x64 Using 733 MB of RAM out of the 4 GB installed. I've been booted up for about 2 hours, and surfing pretty steady since boot. I have 28 processes running including 3 instances of IE. (I run each IE tab in a seperate process.) Also with Comodo Security Suite, and Gmail notifier (the old version), running in the background. *Now it's time to tweak and see how low I can get it, even though it's better for the RAM to be "used" as opposed to just sitting there doing nothing.*
  2. Right now, it's available to OEMs only. Those of us with a Technet subscription still have to wait a little longer.
  3. There's nothing like bringing up a topic that has had no activity for a year and a half. Good job!
  4. DDR3 will not work in a DDR2 motherboard. Even though they both have the same pin count, the placement of the slot in the RAM is different to prevent that.
  5. That's a question that has been brought up many times here in this forum. If you'll search here, you'll find that you can not install apps with vLite, if I remember correctly. Vista and vLite work differently than XP and nLite does. Unfortunately, vLite isn't set up to include installing apps the way that nLite does.
  6. Google is your friend on this one. There are a lot of results when you look up "Uninstalling EZ Antivirus" in Google.
  7. Where are your facts coming from esecallum? If you're going to make accusations like that, then you must have a reliable source that you're quoting from. Ed Bott, a highly respected technology writer, even wrote "Gutmann’s work is riddled with factual errors, mistaken assumptions and unproven assertions, distortions, contradictions, misquotes, and outright untruths. In short, it’s a work of fiction all on its own." And I DO have a source for my information. (And yes, I did read Guttman's theory about DRM.) Also, there's no need to attack others or call them a liar just because they don't agree with you. Provide the factual sources, and maybe someone would possibly pay attention.
  8. Microsoft allows you to "rearm" Server 2008 (and Vista) up to three times and will even give you instructions on how to do it on their website. Nothing illegal about it.
  9. A little more information might be helpful, but you're right. A system shouldn't need more than a minute at most to be fully booted up and ready to surf the internet, and even that can seem like a long time. It sounds like there is a lot of garbage starting up on boot. I'm also willing to bet that there is a lot of unnecessary services starting up also. Black Viper has an excellent website that offers some suggestions about what services that are safe to shut down, and as far as msconfig goes, if you are using a program on a regular basis then it will proabaly be safe to shut off so it won't autostart with Windows, but msconfig can be tricky.
  10. You are not going to be able to run themes made for Vista in XP (and vice versa), without heavily modifying the theme itself. What UXTender does, if I'm not mistaken, is patch XP SP3 system files so you can run alternate XP themes. It won't allow you to run themes made for Vista in XP. (Assuming I am reading your post correctly.)
  11. I believe that it IS because you deleted the winsxs folder. That folder, even though it CAN be deleted, stores a lot of important files and should be left alone. There's more information on the winsxs folder posted here in the forums, but I would say that you're problem with not being able to install .net 3.5 is because you deleted the winsxs folder.
  12. Only one problem with that. Windows 7 is an OS and just as there is no uninstall option for Vista, there also is no uninstall option for 7. At this point, a reload of Windows is probably the fastest and easiest way to take care of it.
  13. Are you referring to an actual key generator (which would be considered warez and against the forum rules), or are you asking for help entering your key into an already installed version of Vista Ultimate?
  14. It sounds like both of you may have used a Vista machine to make you nLite XP with. Vista has a known compatability issue with the SP3 product key. Those are the kinds of errors that you'll receive if you try to make an nLited version on a Vista machine. You need to use an XP machine to create an nLited version of XP. Next, don't integrate SP1 then SP2 and then SP3. If you are using a plain XP disc, integrate SP1 and then go to SP3. You can ignore SP2 altogether because SP3 includes everything that's also included in SP2 so there's no need to integrate it also.
  15. It's a good way to clean up the backup files that are created when SP1 is installed, and even through vLite those files still partially remain. I understand where turbodewd is coming from. It would be nice to have a way of deleting them from the vLite install, but I'm sure that someone could create a batch file that would do it, but then you'd probably have to use WPI to initiate it.

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