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Uberskin theme: Sky98


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i would be happier to keep this theme for uberskin and windows 9x only.
That's OK, Offler. We've already had many themes for both XP and 98. You call your theme Sky98 at first, so it should be for 98 only. I am glad that I tried it before. Don't forget to post a screenshot of the new release. And don't make your theme too beautiful. Jealousy is a bad feeling, and I don't want to have it at all.
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Wow! The theme is GREAT!!! Before this theme I usually switched theme once a day, but now it seems I found my favorite. I liked other themes because they are XP or Vista like, but this is the fist theme for Win98 that isn't like anything other.

I can even say it worth to install Win98 to see your theme :) Great work!

100 % agree with cyberformer.

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changes made today

- Added readme.txt

- fixed minor graphical bug in "Close only" and "help" button windows

- Changed "Pop-Up" blinking button in taskbar

- Changed progress bar to "Quicksilver"

I failed to create scrollbars which will look better than the old original scrollbars. i like the old ones so i will keep them there :)

Also i still did not find a way how to move the buttons in maximized window to their correct position... Any hint from you oh Tihyi? :)

if this bug will not be fixed within week i will release the theme as version 1.1

In next versions i plan to find some new icons (or create them), but it will take much more time. Also the wallpaper... hmm i am not skilled enough :) I have on mind something with sun, clouds and sky of course :)

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more logos i hope and if possible also some icons. recently i learned how to make 8bit graphics more beautyful when transforming from 16 and 32bit color depth. just i dont have good bmp>icon converter but internet is full of them.

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is here somebody familiar with skinning engines for xp or vista? how can be this skin ported to them? just theoretically.

You don't need a skinning engine for XP. It already has one. I haven't had much luck using this method on Vista, but here's how to do it on XP (very similar to making a theme for Lameskin, I believe).

1-Download the tool: Get a resource hacker of your choice (ResHack is my personal favorite for this kind of thing. http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/)

2-Prepare for the Skin: Before you do any skin changes, it would be a good idea to switch your theme to Windows Classic. Sometimes your theme can get kind of messed up if you don't. You will find all of your currently installed Windows XP themes in C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes (assuming your hard disk is 'C'). Go there and duplicate the 'Luna' folder (you can actually use any theme, but this one is the best for starters). Rename the duplicated Luna folder to whatever you want your theme to be named. Inside that folder you will find several things, but for now let's just focus on the skinning.

3-Replace Bitmaps: Open up ResHack and navigate to your duplicated Luna folder. Set the viewing mode to 'all' (as the skin file won't show up as a Win32 executable) and open up the Luna MS Visual Style. You can then access all the bitmaps that make up the Luna skin (NOTE: ResHack isn't always good for extracting files. A way to work around this is to view each individual bitmap in its full size, press Print Screen, open up MSPaint [or whatever image editing program you prefer] and paste it there, setting the size to show only the bitmap from the Visual Style.) Once you have made all your bitmaps, in ResHack, go to 'Action', 'Replace Bitmap', and replace each bitmap with the ones you have made. WARNING: If your bitmaps aren't the exact same size as the originals, the skin will yield unpredictable results!

4-Finalize the skin: Save your changes to the Visual Style, and then, still in ResHack, open up the 'Shell' folder and edit whichever DLL's you find inside (this part is optional; the DLL's typically just contain background images and scripts designating which fonts will be used and stuff like that). Ok, you're almost done. Now rename the original Luna folder to something else, and make your skin folder be named 'Luna' instead. Now open up the display properties and set the theme to Luna. Your skin should now apply. BUT, I bet you don't want it to be named Luna, do you? To fix that, simply choose 'Save As...' and save your theme under a new name. If you change your skin folder name to the exact same thing, all should go well. You should also be able to set the original 'Luna' folder back to it's original name and be fine.

So there you go. How to skin XP. Hope this helps. B)

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