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vLite v1.1.5 beta - Veestah


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Nice Job again,

I check the Vlite home page every day ,

when i open it ,a moment ago,


That is really Cool ,

A lot of new removals

and important fixes

Right now ,i am testing it ,

i am running Vista SP1

cant test the LP,that is a pity ,i will test that part later ,

every one ,enjoy it

and dont forget Thank Nuhi

really great work


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Finally!!!.I Can integrate my language pack without the installation failiure.SP1 Ultimate here.Due to the fact that the LP is older version i cant install it on top of SP1 Ultimate.And even i i could it would take ~6 minutes.So a lot of trouble saved for me again thanks to Nuhi-s great Vlite.Keep up the good work :yes:

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