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Waste of time


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I am using win 2000, xp and vista and it is like having three girl friends ;a nice thin one , a medium one and

a big fat one. No matter how much sincere acceptance efforts, vista is a big big waste of time.

This os have no future. the developpers should have worked in the opposite way, make a thin and fonctionnal basic os

in which during the install you have the options of adding fonctionalities.

I recently made a fresh install of vista service pack 1 and i was amazed at the fact that sp1 does not carry any drivers working whit my almost one year,s old pc actually i am wondering if there is any new drivers in it.

This os is worth no amount of efforts to make it likeable except maybe for someone seeking a job at m$.

Sorry to say this but its a humongus pile of bad codes :ph34r:

end of discussion

thanks anyway Nuhi for your patience and hard working

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I agree that it is fat, thus vLite. But I like Vista, it has an advancement here and there, bugs that annoyed me are fixed, since my install is lite I have no complaint.

Thing is people in general like more stuff thrown at it, only more experienced users like their environment clean and they will add apps as needed.

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Actually very little Legoliam and you are right.But i think we can all see that despite all trimmings and culling

and the many issues engendered by theese, this os go nowhere except it will be the only alternative for directx 10 stuff which is a sad fact unless m$ decide to make a fix to use directx 10 on 2k-xp but i cant see how this could remotely interest the developper.

This is off topic regading Vlite and should be posted somewhere else lol

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I dont think so.

Vista is indeed a huge stuff,

but there are improvement here and there

besides, where does the size come from?

It is mainly because of the Drivers ,language support ,and Natural language and some other big stuffs,which are not very important for average users ,so just get rid of them with vlite, that will be amazing , i like vista ,although still modify Xp with Nlite.

That is cool ,i am expecting the new version,hopefully

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