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I can't open USB flash


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seam me problem

this info about my flash usb plz help me or give me some tool for format this usb and fix problem

Name: DataTravelerMini (USB2.0)

Logic Driver: E:\

VID&PID: Vid_0951&Pid_1602

Speed: high speed

VendorID: Kingston

ProductID: DataTravelerMini

Product Revision: PMAP

Vendor Description: Kingston

Product Description: DataTravelerMini

Serial Number: 5B6C16000391

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What the heck has the "HP" Drive key boot utility have to do with low-level tools? :w00t:

The particular one you linked to appears to be a update to the oldish:


And this one with Syslinux on it:

cp004934 HP Drive Key Boot Utility

version 7.11.3790.0 (14 Dec 04)

to update the firmware of some HP Proliant Servers hardware from USB stick:


For SmartStart CD and Firmware Maintenance CD functionality, use the HP USB Key Utility to copy your SmartStart CD and Firmware Maintenance CD on to your portable USB key storage device.



ProLiant servers with USB legacy support for USB drive keys (USB functionality before an Operating System is loaded). Refer to the USB Support Matrix's USB Drive Key column for a list of servers supporting this functionality.


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