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Wrong work of key BACKSPACE


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I Install VISTA SP1 and i have problem - when I click BACKSPACE key several times on a folder window - it works as "BACK" button not as "UP" :angry: I can't get to Desktop folder in simple and fast way, also i am confused when I click BACKSPACE key and i think that iam in "4 folders up" but I back when i was before :wacko: . Can someone tall me how to correct this ? I used to bind Mouse Thumb Button as a BACKSPACE so it is really important to me.

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Huh... works for me (never knew about that "feature") on my other-than-Vista.

Is there somewhere in Vista that allows certain keys to be assigned to certain functions? Maybe the Software for your Mouse (?) altered something...

Just did an F1 Help, searched for "backspace" and it doesn't show any where to change them, but does show what they all are. This must be some kind of registry setting(?).

(info only - probably no help at all...)

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The backspace key acting as "Back" or "Last Container/Item in History" comes from a feature that originated in Internet Explorer. When Windows Explorer became integrated with IE back in the day, this function was carried with it. It is working by design that when you press Backspace, it goes "back." It would be nice to go "up" (or cd .. ) because I use this moreso than back.

Can you even do a Folder Up in Vista? I never found out how.

I do not know of a way to remap the Backspace key to do a keyboard function that is not currently mapped. Is it possible there is a Ctrl, Alt or Shift key combination that will do this? If so, it may be easier to remap the function.

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