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[Release] Glossy Folders and Icons.


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I've been releasing some designs hopping to find comments to make them better in order to use them on my last XP CD.

All the PNGs are fully customizable.

I used Fireworks with Eye Candy 4000, Impact and IconWorkshop.

Please, let me know what could I change, any ideas are very welcome.



Rhor's RAR Icons Version 2


Rhor's Audio And Video Icons


Rhor's My Documents Folders (PNG Only)

Rhor's My Documents Folders (ICO Version)


Rhor's System Files Icons

Thanks very much for all your help.

Edited by Rhor
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Thanks!!!! You just made my day.

Actually I have some folder templates with different colors, with some icon backgrounds as well , I can upload them if you want, but those are just the empty folders and backgrounds, but since all the PNGs are fully customizable, its really easy to just insert any graphic to suit your needs.

Any other comments are most than welcome.


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really beautiful!!!! it would be cool a patcher with these icons ;)

Believe, Im on it!!!!, hehe, it just that changing 300 and more RES files takes time.

Im using Mr. Ricktendo64's V`ISO script, wich is really well done, and with his permission I could upload the modified script with my icons.

Thanks for the comment. :thumbup

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Rhor! Fancy meeting you here! I think that i should very much like to use these in "Addition Edition Splinter", seeing as how a good number of your other works made there way into Icon-ic Edition, making it look all pretty and stuff.

You have too many, I can't keep up. It's a great problem for me to have. Keep up the flippin splinsational work.

This is one of my favorite images, in any splinterface, thanks to your art.


You fellas should see these spl-icons in action. Get some ideas and stuff about using Rhor's new ones in a spli-page. (provided he's okay with that, of course.)

Icon-is Edition Splinter - the splinterface

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