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  1. Event viewer had lot of messages with only level as "information" , so i've cleared the log and restarted the system. After restart there were no new messages in it. schedLgu.txt contained same message with different time stamps
  2. I have created Task in task Scheduler with "startup" as trigger. Under actions I placed three things 1. start a program pg1 2. start a program pg2 3. Display message "both programs started" But the task scheduler just executes 1st action and second & third action are never started.
  3. for effect use... tutorial : google
  4. hi i was wondering is it possible not to lock screen @ host when client connects to it....... so that me(host) and my friend (using remote desktop on windows) can use the system side by side like that of team viewer......
  5. thanx to every one for reply i will find my answer from u reply
  6. stuck at custom desktop context menu :P

  7. thanx for u r reply Tripredacus by Google i got to this registry key but i didn't get any new item in my context menu Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\WMP] @="Windows Media Player" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\WMP\command] @="C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"
  8. hi i would like to add some programs to my desktop context menu like(browser,musizplayer .. beside refresh,properties,etc already in it ) how can i do it?
  9. hi , i think this is the dumbest question i hav ever asked..... can i install a 32bit XP on my 64 bit(laptop)?? & work with it(all drivers etc...)
  10. hi driverforge is an nice tool to install drivers...... but how to place absolute paths(cd\dvd\usb)so that
  11. hi is it possible to place my custmized shell32.dll in xp cd???
  12. i think there is some problen in my customized .mst i couldn't get ofice 2003 installed by using the transfomer manually(from cmd)
  13. awesome job!! can any one make a mediafire mirror for sample Bmp's waiting for there release....
  14. hi, I made an custom.MST for my office 03 using Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit Tools(ork). here is the command i trying to use in WPI "%wpipath%\Install\MS Office 2003\SETUP.EXE" TRANSFORMS="%wpipath%\MS Office 2003\New Custom Setup File.MST" /qb- i am able to start office 03 by WPI but unable to install it. In Microsoft Office 2003 Setup(0001)_Task(0001).txt plzs help me
  15. Hi all, is it possible to insert key to s/w like ms-office03/07,nero etc which ask for key at the beging of installation
  16. thanx it was set to "no" OemPreinstall="No"
  17. hi all, i made a custom Logon screen & kept in xpcd at by method one mentioned at http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/78/ it didn't work 1..for me for lononui.exe 2.for my OEM info also( oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp into $OEM$\$\System32\) it was not copied in to System32 form $OEM$ i hav done it manually from$OEM$ on xpcd .........for both and they worked well

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