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  1. Elegant Edition Splinter download link, screenshot, and demo vid link. Elegant Edition Splinter Download Page
  2. 3 Minute Splicon Dock Tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLrRplLZD_I Addition Edition Splinter Promo Vid
  3. Addition Edition Splinter - the splinterface WIP Download DOWNLOAD WORK IN PROGRESS ONLY. WILL BE DONE THIS WEEKEND. THIS MUST BE RUN IN 1366X768 SCREEN RESOLUTION NOTE, SINCE SPLINTER RUNS IN 100% REAL-TIME, THE SPLICON SEQUENCES MAY HAVE TO HAVE THEIR TIME DELAYS ADJUSTED, TO FIT YOUR COMPUTER'S POWER AND SPEED. ALL THIS MEANS IS GOING INTO THE SCRIPT TRIGGER AND INCREASING OR DECREASING THE "SPLINTER DELAY X" NUMBER BETWEEN "SPLINTER RUN'S" MOST SPLICONS ARE NOT YET HOTLINKED. SOME PAGES HAVE TRIGGERS SHOWING THAT WILL BE HIDDEN. NO AUDIO FILES LINKED YET. This is only meant for those that wish to run it prior to the final release. There is no reason that I should wait until it is finished before "you" get your hands on it. Make sure to put the Splinter folder in C:\. And put the two exe files IN THE SAME FOLDER AS THE SPLINTERFACE, generally in mydocs. In the very top right of each page is a hidden trigger that, when clicked, will take you to the page menu. The bottom right trigger is, generally, the page reset.\ The bottom left trigger is, generally, the show and hide trigger location. Remember that you have complete control, with Splinter. You can add, edit, or alter anything you wish, at any time. And you can see how I did things by right clicking triggers and looking at both the script sequence and the splicon splanime. Tron-ic Page Video Demo [link] Older Addition Run Through Video [link] Icon-ic Edition Demo [link] Page Instructions MARIOLAND (Page 1) 1. Click the center bottom trigger to start the script that initiates the dock icons. The characters have logos of the hotlink that is associated with them, somewhere on their bodies. Just click them. (only firefox, IE, vlc have been hotlinked. You will have to do yourself or wait until the final build, this weekend. Just drag and drop any file onto any image) TRON-IC (Page 2) 1. Click the trigger in the upper left to initiate the script. PURPLE Page 4 1. Click the center trigger BASEBALL STADIUM (Page 5) 1. Click the trigger within the round SF Giants sign above the billboards in center field, to initiate the weblink icons. 2. To make the pitcher pitch the ball, click him. Notice the green button on the bottom right will turn red for a split second. If you are able to click that red button you will hit a home run. SHELFY LONG (Page 6) 1. Click the top trigger. COUCH KICKIN (Page 7) 1. The page is full of triggers. They can be dragged anywhere and can be right clicked and have splicons associated with them, if you wish. HOE BUNCHA HUD's (Page 8) 1. This is not complete yet and each trigger must be clicked in order to initiate any and all splicons, as they are not linked in a script. TREE OF LIFE (Page 9) (tree is missing until I get confirmation that I can use it publicly) 1. Click the blue button up top to initiate the script.
  4. Only 12 STILL png images used in this splanime, plus the dock icons. Below is the spli-script used to make it run. The word splinter will not be necessary in the next build. For now, it is used to designate splinter commands from external files, within scripts.
  5. The best way for folks to understand what Splinter is, is to watch the demo videos that you posted, though I can't put my finger on the links at the moment. Interesting concept. If I understand it right, it's not a theme, it's more like an interface or a menu system. A very flexible and customizable one. But of course if you added custom sounds, cursors, and icons to it it could become a full theme if you wanted that. Personally, I'm glad in a way that all that is not included since OS updates often tend to mess all that up anyway. I also like the fact that Splinter is designed to be added to an existing OS, if I remember right, making it easy to test and add to any system. Also, as Kel has mentioned elsewhere, redistributing a fully customized OS would be illegal, but providing the downloads and tools so that folks can customize their own OS is perfectly fine. And the fact that you are giving away both the backgrounds and the character and vehicle images to use anywhere else that anyone would like, even though they were designed to be used with Splinter, is very kind of you. I guess you knew that there are always people who would do that anyway, so giving them permission ahead of time makes it your idea so you end up as the good generous guy. Smart. Good luck to you. Cheers and Regards First, I will say sorry for SUPER long post, and I realize that it will not be read by most, if not all, but the only way to understand Splinter is for Splinter to be "understood". Sp mp worries here if it isn't read, but I figure I might as well lay it out as much as possible (and this is still just scratching surface) Second, thanks, BP, you are wise and your evaluation of Splinter with the limited info you have had, is very imporessive. And I totally agree that it is better that Splinter does not have "theme" like aspects, and that it is most certainly NOT a theme, which is only decoration, not utilitarian in porpose. The cursor and theme alteration ability is actually counter productive to Splinter. It is splinter's technological simplicity that make it so fast and so "natural" as the interface. You can leave it running and never know that it is running , And Splinter's use of Explorer is exactly why it is so powerful and so super fast. Because it doesnt run over explorer in a separate window and interfere with or try to take control of Explorer functionalities. It just acts as the boss, telling Explorer what to do in order for it to be much more than it could previously. Splinter is just a front end for Explorer. Anything else would take resources and slow the pc and the interface down. Pages are nothing but standard Windows wallpapers. Splinter does not run any application window above the current windows environment. It just uses Explorer better than Explorer uses itself, at times. It becomes a gateway to information because it combines tunctionalities of the desktop environment, in new ways, whereas they were previously all separate from each other. The desktop environment/interface's only purpose ts to give you the quickest and most "comfortable" location to access / share information, by use of hotlinking (a desktop shortcut, any shortcut, is just a hotlink) The most efficient way to currently do that is with icon docks, file launchers, and stack docks.Then you can add wallpaper flipper and visual style editor when they are implemented "properly". You may have a icon dock station, a file launcher, a stack docklet, a wallpaper flipper, and a visual style editor running on your pc now, but they are for the most part, all completely separate from each other. even a stack docklet running on an icon dock is still two separate entities. Merely "holding" the stack dock does not mean that they are working, in tandem. Splinter blends all five of these, in multiple ways. Like if you combine the functionalities of A and B, you can get a cool new ability. Combine B and D and get a different cool new ability. Combine A, B, and E and get another new cool ability. And so on. For all five of them. Splinter simply takes what was already there and allows them to link together, opening numerous doors and showing that previously conceived obstacles within the desktop environment are not just gone NOW, but that they were never really there. Like the obstacles(locked doors) simply needed to have the digits on the combination lock pressed in the right order. The point is that all these splinterfaces have been done using nothing but the five, completely utilitarian functionalities that are used by everyone. Even a splicon was 'once upon a time", a folder stack where I chopped a character image up into 3 pieces and used them as the folder icons, haha. So, the ability to create splinterfaces has ALWAYS been here, the desktop just had to be looked at the right way., And misconceptions had to be discarded. Splinter's ONLY purpose is to give you the ability to access and create ways to access information. It isn't a full featured media app that happens to run on the desktop. It is a 100% utilitarian desktop interface that just happens to use those functionalities to become a full featured media "app". I also believe it to be the truest and most literal form of an imagery based programming "language", as it fits every dictionary definition of the requirements. It is essentially a "double binary" system with triggers and splicons either being "there" or "not", or 1 and 0. Further, when implementing pages into the scenarios, it turns into a triple binary language, driven by images from the three branches of Splinter. Consider this scenario. if i were to create a splinterface that had two possible choices on each page that you could pick from. with 20 pages, and ten possible triggers that are on each page (like if you are on the first page and click "trigger 1" you go to page three and the internal script would "show" triggers 23 and 24, or whatever. but if you clicked on trigger two on the first page, you would go to page 14 and whichever two triggers that were listed in internal script would open. but let us say that if you HAD chosen "trigger one" on page one and came to page three and you chose trigger 23 on that one, it would also take you to page 14 but it would "show' two DIFFERENT triggers than if you had gone with trigger 2 to get to page 14. and so on. This creates a maze that has billions or more possible different ways that you can get to "the end" or whatever ..(if there are 10 possible triggers on each page and 20 pages, and each trigger can either be showing or hidden, i think that the formula is 20 * 2 to the 200th. right? something like that. it is an enormous number. and this is done by ONLY the show and hide commands , the goto command, and the images (triggers) that you click in making your decision. This is an algorithm based solely on whether an image is there or not, and whether you "yes" click, or "no" don't And it is Far more visually based binary than script driven binary as the entire splitnerface creation is done by placing static, still images and splanimating them from one fixed location and size to, another, one fixed location and size. The abilities that are "in addition to" the utilitarian ones, are all based on "there/not", "yes/no", 'show/hide", "open/closed", "click/don't", "this/that", etc etc. All are 1 or 0. And it is this simplicity in the "language" that now allows for ANYONE to create an in depth software output(splinterface), not just a coder. Further, the fact that splicons are just still png files that occur (open), in real-time, the moment that they are initiated, means that any splinterface can always and forever be edited, altered, or added to, by anyone, in any way, at any time I hope that "Addition Edition" will blow some minds. Named such as this splinterface's pages are basically a "and in addition to using Splinter like "that", you can do "this". I will attempt to show that since splinterfaces are created by how the user visually places and sets images, it literally means that anything you can imagine in your head can be turned into a utilitarian desktop interface. "You" know what you want it to look like and do better than anyone else, and that is why the ways that it does things are so easy to make happen. Because whatever the person is seeing in their head, they are only "seeing" the "imagery' of it. They aren't able to translate that into any type of code that will create the effect on a computer. But you can mimic each separate object/icon/etc in your mind's creation simply by placing "that" image in starting and ending locations(may take several splicons to mimic exact effect, but it can be done, easily), and then simply placing the separate splanime's into an order, with the only commands being show and hide for triggers, run and kill for splicons, goto for pages, and delay to set pauses Anything other than the way Splinter does it would mean that in depth and completely unique splintefaces would not be able t be created by "everyone", as images are the only "universal" language that are "understood" by "everryone". You dont have to know "how" things operate when you "see" them. You just "know' that tings move from one location to another. Splinter is like if you could reach into your imagination and pull each separate object out and then using nothing but "point A to point B" for that object(image), make what you have only imagined, actually occur visually and interactively, on the desktop. I, honestly, don't "get" how its super simple construct has allowed me to create interactive stories, desktop wiki databases, resource centers / information portals, educational / instructional abilities, spli-sites (desktop level web page front ends), hidden object games, unequaled diversity with icon docks and stacks, family albums, seamlessly blended/integrated desktop advertising, several other usages, and the one I just made last night, a "home run derby", that only uses 11 still images, total. But it does allow for all this and more to be created. These are just from me. There is no telling what "everyone" else can concieve and create. All of these functionalities will be present in Addition Edition, which I hope to release by this weekend, at the latest. But, again, the most important aspect of everything Splinter is that everytihing that it does is 100% occurring by one or more of the 5 utilitarian functionalities. (I accidentally closed my browser when I had finished the initial reply to you and lost all my text so I am postiive that this is missing a lot of what I had initially said and added other stuff. This is certainly not as "clear" as the previous. Plus I am nodding in and out, lol)
  6. I remember your feedback and appreciate it. Cheers. Sorry to say that I did not remember the name, lol, I think because I have no idea how to pronounce an all consonant word. Got it now, BP will do for mnemonics.
  7. It's not that you're not "our kind of people" necessarily. The forum is mostly based around deploying Windows (IT stuff), silent installations, solving Windows problems, some Win9x guys hanging out and other similar topics. And you're seemingly here to offer wallpapers, icons and similar content which is not most people's main focus as you can see. We had just one post in the "Wallpapers & Icons" section so far thus far for the entire year (before you posted in there), and no replies to it. And 5 posts for all of 2011. So don't be surprised if you're not seeing too much chat in there. It's not like we're deviantart or tumblr. And you're seemingly here to offer wallpapers, icons and similar content Actually, all of it is only to bribe users to try Splinter, as I know that not all have the ability or want to create art that they can place into their desktop interface. I couldn't care less about the images, at all. My only concern is UDE evolution. (that is why I call them "splinter stock and spli-stock and have spl logo on them everywhere. I just dont want to break whatever spamming rules apply or even be close to the line, so I don't mention that the characters were created specifically to be used as splcons and the wallpapers are all pages within splinterfaces. ) Thanks for feedback though, I didn't know how the threads and I were looked at, do now.
  8. NO, they are not. They DAN be, but certainly do not have to be. Every deployment I made for a client was legit and legal. Oh, wait, I see what you mean, I think. This isn't exactly, accurate, though. I created one for a private client and delivered to him on a hard drive, fulfilling all MS requirements of an OEM vendor. So, the deplo is legit, but I think that you may be right in that if HE decides to allow others to run it, then it isn't "legit". However, there would be a gray area if it is done without a license, simply being a trial installer. I will have to look into the end user licensing agreement, thoroughly, as I am pretty sure that they never considered this scenario when writing the EULA. But good heads up, thanks. I must make certain before I speak with him again. (I had initially planned on using the deplo as a flagship build for multiple end users, then decided to go another route, after selling just one, so that it would be "in the record books" with documented proof that it was created at that time and that it was the world's first "theatrical deployment". I then decided to go another route and push my software stand-alone once I had documented / validated initial existence.)
  9. What? I have no idea how you got "warez" from my post, but I surely have nothing to do with warez. I am an MCSE and an OEM MS partner. I am not talking about cracked 7 installers, i am talking legit ones. User customized, in MY book, has NOTHING to do with anything illegal
  10. Oh, crap, just realized that this thread is from the stone age. WAK. Especially since I am too pleased with my post to just edit it. Minor infraction, five minute penalty, huh?
  11. Lol, by "our" you must mean "you", as you are the only person to have replied to any of my threads or posts.
  12. Hello. I am as new as you but welcome aboard. Your enthusiasm is what it's all about. Wish everyone had it.
  13. Rhor! Fancy meeting you here! I think that i should very much like to use these in "Addition Edition Splinter", seeing as how a good number of your other works made there way into Icon-ic Edition, making it look all pretty and stuff. You have too many, I can't keep up. It's a great problem for me to have. Keep up the flippin splinsational work. This is one of my favorite images, in any splinterface, thanks to your art. You fellas should see these spl-icons in action. Get some ideas and stuff about using Rhor's new ones in a spli-page. (provided he's okay with that, of course.) Icon-is Edition Splinter - the splinterface
  14. to be the 5 or so most user "customized" deploz, to date? Customized in "any' way, completely subjective. Or maybe 'you" post what "you" consider to be THE most customized deplo? I "plan" to change some minds, this weekend, with a two year old wim and iso that was temporarily held from public eyes.. I would like to see all of the best of the best, prior to uploading it. Unattended or not, doesn't matter. Thanks.
  15. Apprentice and Friends 3000x3425 http://www.deviantart.com/download/296381523/spli_stock___apprentice_and_friends_by_dipperdon-d4wghg3.png Stargate Ships 1920x3035 http://www.deviantart.com/download/296384158/spli_stock___stargate_ships_1920x3035_by_dipperdon-d4wgjha.png Star Trek Ships 4000x2000 http://www.deviantart.com/download/296154601/spli_stock___star_trek_splicons_by_dipperdon-d4wbmcp.png
  16. Star Wars Ships http://www.deviantart.com/download/295310167/splinter_stock___star_wars_ships_by_dipperdon-d4vtis7.png Sith Edition Splicons http://www.deviantart.com/download/295317402/splinter_stock___starkiller_splicons_by_dipperdon-d4vtod6.png Sith Statues 420x3000 http://www.deviantart.com/download/283520011/splinter_stock___sith_statues_by_dipperdon-d4ostfv.png Cyanide Sarah 2400x1400 http://www.deviantart.com/download/283493809/splinter_stock___cyanide_sarah___read_rules_by_dipperdon-d4os981.png Shooters 1800x800 http://www.deviantart.com/download/283507561/splinter_stock___shooters_by_dipperdon-d4osju1.png http://www.deviantar...don-d4os856.png Splashed Set http://www.deviantart.com/download/295312889/splinter_stock___splashed_set_by_dipperdon-d4vtkvt.png SPLEEDOS 6500X6000 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285711947/splinter_stock___spleedos_by_dipperdon-d4q3sqz.png Subjects Known 3200x3000 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285669995/splinter_stock___subjects_known_by_dipperdon-d4q2wdn.png Animal SPlanime http://www.deviantart.com/download/295312476/splinter_stock___animal_splaniime_by_dipperdon-d4vtkkc.png Randmo Characters 1920x1080 http://www.deviantart.com/download/283491772/splinter_stock___random_characters_by_dipperdon-d4os7ng.png
  17. Alice Edition Renders 4550c5500 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285733361/splinter_stock___alice_edition_2_by_dipperdon-d4q499t.png Story Edition Sampler http://www.deviantart.com/download/295315358/splinter_stock_____red_queen___by_dipperdon-d4vtmse.png Stack Pack 4000c4000 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285711588/splinter_stock___stack_pack_by_dipperdon-d4q3sh0.png Subscoot 3000x2100 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285711450/splinter_stock___subscoot_by_dipperdon-d4q3sd6.png Election Edition 3000x3200 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285709760/splinter_stock___election_edition_by_dipperdon-d4q3r28.png Serpent Stuff 2800x4000 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285669518/splinter_stock___serpant_stuff_by_dipperdon-d4q2w0e.png Unfinished Business http://www.deviantart.com/download/295320422/splinter_stock_____unfinished_business_____wip_by_dipperdon-d4vtqp2.png
  18. DC DARLINGS - Supergirl Make sure to click the link BELOW the images in order to get the full sized images 5000x3000 http://www.deviantart.com/download/284595285/splinter_stock___supergirl_by_dipperdon-d4pfv4l.png Batgirl 4200x2600 http://www.deviantart.com/download/283190849/splinter_stock___batgirl_ae_splinter_contest_by_dipperdon-d4olrgh.png Powergirl 4000x3400 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285013764/splinter_stock___powergirl_by_dipperdon-d4pou10.png Wonder Woman 2000x1600 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285147234/splinter_stock___wonder_woman_by_dipperdon-d4prp0i.png ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crowbars and Coffins Promo Stock 1400x1000 Birdboy Beatdown 3800x2300 http://www.deviantart.com/download/283495224/splinter_stock___birdboy_beatdowns_by_dipperdon-d4osabc.png
  19. Hello. My release of these images is done under the "honor" agreement. My hope is that if you are willing to download the imagery that I spent hundreds of hours creating and give to you freely, you will do me the kindness of simply trying the 100% free and most diverse desktop customization application on Earth, Splinter. And if you are just unwilling to launch and run it, for whatever reason, then at least please watch the first two video demonstrations of it in the main Splinter thread, here The videos are below the images and the installer, about halfway down the first post. Enjoy the spli-stuff, below The super high quality render links are below each image "thumb". Click on the link BELOW THE IMAGES for up to super HI Res pics. THIS POST CONTAINS NO COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS. ALL IMAGERY IS PROTECTED UNDER FAIR USE IN MULTIPLE AREAS. THE ART IS MY COPYRIGHT and i release it to any purpose, THE CHARACTER NAMES AND SUCH ARE COPYRIGHT OF DC DC DINGALINGS all Joked Up http://www.deviantart.com/download/295515739/splinter_stock___all_joked_up___click_dl_for_hirez_by_dipperdon-d4vxxej.png THE JOKE IS ON YOU http://www.deviantart.com/download/295308456/splinter_stock___the_joke__s_on_you_by_dipperdon-d4vthgo.png Batman Beyond 6500x3700 http://www.deviantart.com/download/277184008/splinter_stock__batman_beyond_aes_contest_promo_by_dipperdon-d4l10js.png Joker 4500x2500 Red Hood 3300x1400 http://www.deviantart.com/download/274163511/splinter_stock___red_hood_by_dipperdon-d4j89x3.png Black Mask 4300x2200 http://www.deviantart.com/download/275529331/splinter_stock___black_mask_arkham_edition_promo_by_dipperdon-d4k1jsj.png Robin (Tim Drake) 4000x2200 http://www.deviantart.com/download/273381317/splinter_stock___robin___tim_drake_by_dipperdon-d4iridh.png Robin (Jason Todd) 4500x2500 http://www.deviantart.com/download/273381039/splinter_stock___robin___jason_todd_by_dipperdon-d4iri5r.png Riddler 2500x1800 http://www.deviantart.com/download/285378169/splinter_stock___riddler_by_dipperdon-d4pwn7d.png
  20. Yes. 90% are rendered in 3ds Max and then edited/manipulated in Paint.net. The bat caves , the chancellor's office, the coliseum, and the throne room are my commercial models that are on t-squid and 3d studio. I will be releasing the actual models into the public domain, soon, just as I, now, release the copyright of these wallpapers. All of the art that I create is intentioned to entice end users to try Splinter, which is why I use my model renders as the pages (wallpapers), within most splinterfaces.. The rest I either rendered out from Max or Daz and edited in Paint.NET or just composited from various stock sources. Regardless of steps, they are all my creations
  21. Hi, I will keep this short. I am an MCSE and a software developer, with my focus being the desktop interface. I will be posting a lot of free content consisting of imagery and software. Cheers.

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