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[HOW TO] Firefox with addons in silent mode


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Hello all,

First, i would like to know how to make a silent installer of firefox for nlite. I know it is ready here on this forum but i would like to have the french version. I know how to make an addon for nlite, but i am juste seaérching for the switches to make it silent.

And as i come not for nothing, i would like to know how to make some addons, i use regularly, included to firefox and (maybe) ready at the first start.

Thank you for your answers :)

Maybe if there are some people interessting in doing it, here is what i would like :

- Firefox in French

- Addons included

- adblock plus

- download statusbar

- dictionnaire myspell en français (1990)

- webmail notifier

- Customizegoogle

- Maybe some themes but it is not a priority

It would be great maybe for the challenge to have it with flashplayer, shockwave and others codecs for videos and music :)

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Ho, yes ! That Lokks a bit easy and incredible :)

For my extensions, do i have to take them directly in my directories on my pc, or do i have to download them ? If it's a dl, where can i find the good files to put ?

For flash, and shockwave, is it the same ?

Then when it is done, i make a winrar sfx archive that should make a .exe, and then i make a .cab of the .exe for nlite using /S that's right ?

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For your extensions you can find and add them in the following locaions

"%UserProfile%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*.default\extensions" copy them to-> "nonlocalized\extensions"

For plugins like WGA and Shockwave you use a program like InstallWatch and you track what files were added to the "%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\plugins" and "components" sub folders... Then you copy them to the folders of your installer

"nonlocalized\plugins" & "nonlocalized\components"

Same thing with Bookmarks.html and search plugins

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OK, so here is what i made and i have problems with extensions

I use winrar to...

- extract the firefox.exe, and i have the good directories,

- Download with right-clic my addons, on the official webpage of firefox. I have .xpi

- Extract .xpi with winrar and i have another subdirectories like chrome, and other files and folders.

- I put this extracted files and folders of the xpi in the directorie nonlocalized/extensions

- I put and overwrite bookmarks.html

I take again files and folders of firefox (including the extensions and bookmarks)

I Make a sfx archive with the process "setup.exe" /S after extraction

Te FF.exe is done

i run my FF.exe /s and firefox install correctly and all in silence


No addons are installed, even if i have my bookmarks ready

Is there something i missed ? Do i have to put .xpi instead of the decompress xpi in the directorie nonlocalized/extensions ?

I think we are nearly done, but what's the problem please ? ;)

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