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I need to run a browser from a linux CD... which linux one?


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I need to run a linux boot cd, from the disc only. I don't want to install it, as I don't have enought harddrive space.

I don't have wireless Internet.

I need it to be able to do the following things;

- Browser the Internet (with tabs, if possible)

- Feature in whatever browser I use to save the session (so I can turn off my computer, and still keep everything I need, in the browser tabs available, so I can restore them when I boot back up to my 'DVD'.) It is fine if these sessions are stored on my hard-drive.

- Needs to be able to run flash (within the browser)

- Java (needs to be able to run internal java things within the browser)

- Show the time (This feature should already be on it, not 24hr, 12hr.)

- Notepad (notepad equivalent, perhaps with some syntax highlighting)

- Access my USB thumb drive (I have a 1GB one, and instead of having all that trouble with printers, (I have a HP Photosmart C4180 All-In-One printer) which I will only need to use for printing. If both, or either of these things can be made to work with my linux live cd (or boot-cd) I will be very happy coming_out_of_gloom.gif !

Please give me some suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


PS: I nice transparent interface (borders) would be nice as well, but I don't mind if it doesn't have this feature.

PPS: Same goes with something like Microsoft Word.

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I think you would like Ubuntu Desktop the best. If your hard drive is full how are you going to download this though?

Desktop CD

The desktop CD allows you to try Ubuntu without changing your computer at all, and at your option to install it permanently later. This type of CD is what most people will want to use. You will need at least 320MB of RAM to install from this CD.





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Ill put in a second recommendation for Ubuntu because the livecd is essentially the same exact OS that you would install but minus a few things like 3d acceleration and wifi drivers

i dont think the session saving feature you are asking for is doable without building your own liveCD (which is not an easy task)

as for the USB drive thing, i think the Ubuntu liveCD will automount it if its present at boot time

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the only idea I have for persistent settings would be to use SLAX with "configsave"



How to save/restore settings

To save your settings, run "configsave" command with one argument - the storage location. So type for example configsave /mnt/sda1/slaxconf.mo to save your configs in USB flash drive into slaxconf.mo file. It will save all changed files from /root, /etc, /home and /var directories. Note that that network settings (assigned IP address, etc) won't be saved because they are not kept in any file. If you wish to save network settings then add apropriate commands to /etc/rc.d/rc.local. This file will be saved/restored, and it's executed automatically (so your network settings will be set up).

To restore your previously saved backup, use "configrestore" command. You can also save settings to the root directory of your existing disk partition (for example to /mnt/hda1/slaxconf.mo). All settings found in the root folder of any of your disk partitions ( under the name slaxconf.mo) will be restored automatically when SLAX boots.

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I have not used this but I did mention it in a previous post. It seems to cover some of the things you require.

Keep all your home and settings inside a single file that you can move around: you'll not need a laptop to have an operating system with you, just a CD and a USB memory stick
is out with Java support and network booting. Includes improvements and fixes to web browsing, pdf reading, usb mounting and more



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