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Forgotten Setup Secrets Revealed

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Now if only I could adapt this setupldr.bin to change the hal on a syspreped machine!

You can script the HAL change using RunOnce...

edit: I posted how to do it before, but can't remember the tool I used, and the search here sucks. I'll look around though if you're interested.

edit2: You can hot swap the HAL with devcon: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/m...60-aaeb017e5fc7

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Hi there

I've tried part 2 and it doesn't work at all, it just says file missing e.g. rr174xp.sys missing, when i take a look in my backup folder i find rr174xp.sy_ and when I expand the file the new file is named rr174x.sys... I've removed rr174xp.sy_ frem my I386 folder as the guide says but it cant figure out that I've already expanded the files for it :S


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Whoa! Editing the TXTSETUP.SIF file looks like it can get the install go on way faster, because one can really disable the many unnecessary stuff there. I have few questions, tough. First at all - then the TXTSETUP.SIF file are excessive number of empty lines. Must they have been preserved? I dubt that, but I better ask first :)

Second, there is could of things that I want to know what they are and if I can ",noload" them. The SCSI stuff is self-explainatory (tough I have still one minor question, will the Deamon tools work then to emulate CDroms? Because it work as emulating them as being the SCSI ones...) but how about this?


pcmcia = pcmcia.sys

If I did not have any PCMCIA slot on my machine and on most PCs, I should ",noload" it, right?



What is this?



Is that a support for serial mouse, eg. mouse connected to COM port?


cdrom = cdrom.sys

disk = disk.sys

floppy = sfloppy.sys,,noload

ramdisk = ramdisk.sys

SCSI floppy is already disabled, disabling the disk if not having any SCSI card will be good too, right? And disabling the cdrom only when I never need the Deamon tools to emulate one, right? And the ramdisk is what? SCSI ramdisk? Is that really necessary to have?


serial = serial.sys

serenum = serenum.sys

Is not that again the serial mouse?




The 1394 bus is already disabled above (ohci1394 = ohci1394.sys,,noload) - but will it be good to disable loading this files also?



What is this? Soundblater port or what the...?!



I have no idea what is this either.







Do are all those VGA files really necessary? Aren't the vga.dll, vga256.dll and vga64.dll just same versions of the file for different VGa capable cards and witch one is used on normal modern hardware? Then the rest could be discarded?

Anyone can help me out?

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Well, this is not "question time". ;)

Empty lines in txtsetup.sif can be removed allright.

i8042 is the "right " name for PS/2 keyboard and mouse bus:


More generally, try searching in Google for the driver name alone or together with TXTSETUP.SIF and you'll probably find all the info you need.

Don't assume that anything is "properly" named.

IDE and ATA/SATA devices use disk.sys or cdrom.sys as well

serial.sys/serenum.sys are about the serial PORT(s) not mouse.

1394 (read "firewire") is NOT i8042.

You must read a lot of things besides this thread in order to be able to identify properly system files, their use, the need or lack of need for them.

The SMALLEST possible TXTSETUP.SIF you will ever find (used in a MicroPE project) is here:


your mileage may vary.


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FWIW, the fastest install that can take place will be achieved by:

installing Unknown Device Identifier

running it to get ALL of your hardware device strings


scrolling to [HardwareIdsDatabase]

put in all of your device strings, edit the driver files accordingly


scroll to [DeviceInfsToInstall]

remove INFs for devices you don't have. for example:

mchgr.inf (media changer -- trust me, you don't have one)

1394.inf -- Firewire

tape.inf -- tape drivers

netirsir.inf -- Infrared devices

pcmcia.inf -- laptops only

battery.inf -- laptops only

etc etc etc etc etc etc

here are the devices from win2k's TXTSETUP that the WinXP TXTSETUP does not have. in other words, support for these was removed from xp... this probably means that it would be very rare for you to encounter any of these:

cpqfws2e = cpqfws2e.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

cpqarray = cpqarray.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

cpqarry2 = cpqarry2.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

ncrc710 = ncrc710.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

buslogic = buslogic.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

flashpnt = flashpnt.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

lp6nds35 = lp6nds35.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

ql2100 = ql2100.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

cpqfcalm = cpqfcalm.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

fireport = fireport.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

fd16_700 = fd16_700.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

tffsport = tffsport.sys,4 ; XP doesn't have

so you could comment them all out.

editing empty lines will not gain you any speed.

much may be learned by analyzing my files.

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