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  1. Guys, I wonder, what you will recommend me to reduction of the Win7 x64 footprint. I just use them on small 30G testing SSD, and set too little size for the OS partition ... and now I need the NET Framework install and the **** things took 11G in size (Windows directory). There are PLENTY of software that beg for removal. However even that I unchecked the Windows programs in the control pannel, they are STILL HERE, on the drive. For example IExplorer 8. The machine is not even conected to the net...! Also in Windows directory, there is directory "assembly" and it contain obviously developer tools - and I'm not going to learn assembly (not x86 assembly anyway), so... I want (need) to ger RID OF THIS CRAP. The catch is, that I cannot delete these unwanted programs as I used to do in Windows XP. In WinXP, I get into the dllfiles directory, deleted all the backup files and then replace the sfc_os.dll and sfcfiles.dll with own DLLs, that disabled the WFP and then I can delete anything. When locked, just rename and on next reboot it can be deleted. Etc. 500MB WinXP is quite possible. So, how to achieve that in Windows 7 x64...? Are there apps that can help? I already unchecked EVERYTHING in the controll pannel, but nothing get off the drive, so... pls help! Yes, I tried CCleaner. So... how to slim this fat Win down...???
  2. Yes, both mouse and keyboard use PS/2. But but... I want to optimize some more! There is only the last option in Autoruns to optimize... What about the service EventLog? I did not want *ANY* logs at all...?
  3. Keyboard class driver - cannot be disabled, then keyboard won't react and one cannot "Press Ctrl Alt Del" to login into WinNT (( So this cannot be disabled. What about the i8042 keyboard and PS/2 ...? And in Autoruns, there is not much left to be disabled too:
  4. Well, that would force me to the unfortunate - try & fail testing So, I disabled the CDROM and then I disabled the services need: Cdfs CDrom And things works Later I attackedk the KSecDD service and WinNT 4.0 SP1 works fine w/o it too. And of course I killed the Next sensor kernel I/O driver and things works. I did not use NTFS partition (well, there is one, but formated under WinXP and therefore inaccesible to WinNT), so I disabled the Ntfs device, however even when disabled, it is started and run... That leave me with: Atapi Disk Fastfat i8042 keyboard and PS/2 Keyboard class driver Mouse class driver Npfs - (cannot login when disabled) Ntfs - (cannot be disabled) Null S3/AtiRage - (depends on witch GFX card is used) Obviously, there is not much room to improve. Null must be run, GFX card must be run too... The qestion is only the Atapi driver (need for HDD?) and there drivers for input devices, while IMHO the i8042 keyboard and PS/2 driver should be, in teory, enough to handle both keyboard and mouse. But I'm not much sure about this at all... Your thoughts, guys? Are the Disk for example need, when I will not insert any disk...??? Is the Atapi mandatory w/o CDROM?
  5. Anyone want to at least give some tips? KSecDD seems doable too. I did not need any secure devices support, so... could that be disabled too?
  6. Guys, all I need from the WinNT 4.0 SP1 is to run SuperPi/PiFast and fastest. That means everything that is not need for mouse, keyboard, graphis and disk writes have to GO. I narrowed the Devices in WinNT control pannel down to these ones that I left running: Atapi Cdfs CDrom Disk Fastfat i8042 keyboard and PS/2 Keyboard class driver KSecDD Mouse class driver Next sensor kernel I/O driver Npfs - (cannot login when disabled) Ntfs Null S3/AtiRage - (depends on witch GFX card is used) Services I optimized to just two: EventLog Remote Prodecure Call (RPC) Service - (terrible timeout waits in Explorer when disabled) (I have to start the Plug&Pray service before messing with the devices, but that is small price to pay for the God's of speed) And the question is - what more can I disable, using PS/2 keyboard and mouse (Asus TXP4-X mainboard - yes, Socket 7 oldtimer)? Do I really need that much drivers seemingly related to the keyboard and mouse? Yes, I need support for the NTFS filesystem, that cannot go away, but what is, for example, the Next sensor kernel I/O driver? Etc. Questions, questions. Could someone answer them? PS. it looks like, based on the link bellow, that the Next sensor kernel I/O driver is for thermal device / fns comunication (sensing) and since my board feature none of that, it could likely go: http://www.file.net/process/nxsio32.sys.html And yes, I have backed up the partition with WinNT, but since the hardware is very slow, then I thought that I rather ask before having to restore the partition into working order, witch is SLOOOOOOW. Currently the machine is running SuperPi 32M test on K5-75 @90MHz, witch will take around 22-23h to go... (BTW, I was badly surprised that I had to reinstall WinNT when exchanging P90 to K5-75 CPU's...)
  7. Segate 13G ST313021A on Pentium 90 @ 125MHz: Average - 6.4MB/sec - now this is SPEEED! ... I wonder, if anyone have in operation slower HDD ... Therefore I wonder, if someone have a experience with replacing such SLOOOW HDDs with PATA to CF adapter and CF card(s)? The latest models promise very fast speeds - 160MB/sec is quite above PATA possibilities: SanDIsk Extreme PRO 32G CF card ...and since the adapters are just wires, connecting the CF card to PATA interface (CF cards work on same PATA interface!) and only in best cases, you can choose the voltage (3.3V or 5V) and you get the power and activity lights: DeLock 91620 PATA to CF ...then there should not be any problem of using CF cards as old PATA HDD replacement(s). Only problem I hear, that there should be changed bit on the card somewhere, that change the device type from removable to fixed. Then it should act as normal HardDriveDevice. But maybe I missed something...? Do anyone have experience with this? Could someone share tips, software for the change (from removable to fixed) and experience in general?
  8. Hoooray! Version 6.1 of the Autoruns works! http://www.mediafire.com/?e572oi1yxnayup5 It does complain a bit about unsupported calls, but it works, not crash So I optimized my WinNT and get 2nd place in SuperPi 1M for P90: http://hwbot.org/submission/2975859_ The optimizing shave about 6 sec of the run, witch was enought to jump from 6th place to 2th place For SuperPi 32M it give 1st place for P90: http://hwbot.org/submission/2978646_ ...of course, it should be better to get version a bit higher (v8.0? v7.0? ...later v6...?), but that is just a dream I have to update the hardware rather (faster HDD that 13G old slow Seagate) to get better scores now
  9. Thanks a LOT for this link: https://web.archive.org/web/20050615000000*/http://www.sysinternals.com/Files/Autoruns.zip And... Oh, ****! There is *NOTHING* between v5.01 (witch is pretty much useless) and v8.31 that does crash! Nothing between 11.2.2004 (v5.01) and 11.1.2005 (v8.31) ... So, I would quess that something like v8.00 (or v8.21) will work, but getting such version is probably impossible... ... But all is not lost! I stumbled upon this: http://www.filewatcher.com/_/?q=autoruns And there are FTP links to *MANY* versions of Autoruns.zip and after short search, I managed to find jewels like versions: Autoruns 8.13 Autoruns 8.11 Autoruns 6.1 Sure, more versions around the v7 are missing... but that should do it!
  10. Oh no! It crashed again ((( I"m *DESPERATE* to get Autoruns working. How do you find so old version on the web archive? I never knew that it store files too! Maybe with little help... What about 8.0 or 8.20....? Or even v7....? Can I hope? Could you show me, how to get the links to such old versions, pretty please? ... Also I trying to get CCleaner working. I get recommendation: https://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/introducing-ccleaner/system-requirements "Note 1: For Windows NT4, ME and 98, we recommend CCleaner Version 2. For 2000 we recommend Version 3." http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/history/11/ However trying v2.06.567 it say that Default UI language function not found, so I tried v2.00.475 Beta and it "only" wants a wininet.dll, so maybe there is a chance...
  11. I run both v3.50 and v3.60 installs and no executable is ever found. WinXP SP3 - altough a bit optimized, so, okay, I run it on default install of same OS and report back. "Dynamical" creating of executable? Sounds crazy to me But... whatever if it will work. I indend to run the CD on Asus TXP4-X board: http://trodas.wz.cz/index.php?s=&act=ST&f=16&t=462&st=0#entry8941 ...to optimize the WinNT install. I would kill for CCleaner working there as well, as (mainly) the Autoruns But older version that 8.53 cannot be downloaded anywhere I looked
  12. Autoruns 8.73 crashed, but it is getting close! Going to try Autoruns 8.53... pls provide the 8.31. Autoruns 10.05, listed as compatible with WinNT, wont even run: ...probably is meant for WinNT 4.0 SP6, witch is nothing for me, I desperately need every % of speed that I can squeeze out of the OS. ... jaclaz - gee, mate... won't be better to get the UBCD4Win CD working? I mean... Defragler and AusLogics Defrag should do the job. The prepared files are there to download: http://www.ubcd4win.org/downloads.htm And the only one problem is the missing UBCD4WinBuilder.exe in the archive. Altrough this is a MAJOR problem, I believe it could be fixed. Somehow. After all, it almost worked when I substitute the missing exe with the BartPE exe file pebuilder.exe All in all, it's version v3.1.10a matches perfectly the version of the missing UBCD4WinBuilder showed up there: http://www.ubcd4win.org/howto.htm ...but nowhere to be found for download, unless I'm blind and deeply missing something.
  13. Okay, thanks a LOT! I try these... when they fail, could you please provide the version 8.31?
  14. BTW, I'm still too scared to do it (with any tinkering it ALWAYS fail to install my Windows build ) but I should say this: I get a overclockers build of WinXP SP2 (english, og course) and quess what! nLite slipstreamed the drivers into that install w/o any troubles and it work right away...! http://valid.x86.fr/y1gyzx So I beginning to see, that my build of WinXP is need to be replaced!
  15. Interesting idea. However from the documentation it looks bad: "This program only works on NTFS drives under Windows NT 4.0" ... my OS drive is Fat drive, and the NTFS partion, created by WinXP it cannot even touch. When I click on it, the WinNT explorer crash. But the ultimate Win CD sounds better - there is this: AusLogics Defrag Hard disk defragmenter Defraggler Hard drive defragmenter Dirms 1.2.20 Comand Line utility to defragement your entire drive If these programs can run from the CD, then things will be good. Sadly I managed to find only v3.22 ...v3.50 might be better choice. ... Sadly no news on the Autoruns. I wonder, if I can disable these services: PS. oh, there is vrsion 3.60... will it contain the need file UBCD4WinBGuilder.exe? We see...
  16. For benching reasons, I trying Windows NT 4.0 SP1 (just a Pentium 90MHz, so, optimal) and I wonder, witch version of Autoruns from Sysinternals run on this old system. So, anyone can tell me, witch version I need? Clearly the v9.13 I have tried refuse to work, complaining about Default UI language function not found. Blah! So, witch version works? (pls no "just update to SP6" suggestions, benching machine need more speed, not less!) Also makes me wonder, what to use for defragmenting the partition. I like Diskeeper v8, but that also won't run on WinNT 4.0 SP1, requesting update to SP6. Maybe something from boot CD...?
  17. Oh, are we joking... all right. Thanks for your suggestions. Well, in meanwhile, I find this one: http://www.vorck.com/windows/xpsp4.html ...but since modification of WinXP SP3 CD never worked out well for me, I'm affraid that this will be yet another fail. Also Fred Vorck guide does cover only drivers that have ONE file. The drivers in question have more files: iaahci.cat iaAHCI.inf iastor.cat iaStor.inf iaStor.sys TXTSETUP.OEM Then I'm affraid this will end in just yet another epic failure Cursed nLite! ...but maybe I can use their hacked SETUPAPI.DLL, because that is need to use modified install files in the first place...
  18. Finally a place, where one can download HFSLIP latest version! ...BUT running the HFSLIP does at start *NOT* produce the needed directories...! WFT?! Downloaded version 1.7.8 and that does work (eg. created the directories): https://mega.co.nz/#!rQ1XCaaa!nos4eHDMWLDI2vgjpZffR8OVhvFxOcDRlaiTetxKpfc
  19. I would love to use Win2k, but some stubborn programmers decided to stop supporting it Real shame. I like my W2k much over my WinXP. In Win7 i feel like I'm locked in my own computer, so this OS is only for gaming computer. WinXP there and *loving* them almost like I loved W2k SP4. Sadly... modern GPU-Z, FFMPEG and few **** games need WinXP
  20. Guys, I wonder, if there is any guide on how to manually insert the SATA drivers into Windows XP install CD. Reasons for this are simple: 1) MSI X58 Pro-E did not have a floppy connector, so unless I want get USB floppy, then I need this change in the install CD 2) all guides I found feature nLite and therefore produce only bogus, not working install on Czech Win XP SP3 (this issue is a long time there and it is still there, learned it again the hard way) ... So normal WinXP SP3 Czech install did not see the HDDs. Therefore no install. Modified one with included drivers by nLite (last public version (curse the **** program!) do detect HDDs and install fine (it does, sadly, complain that bios-something file is missing?!), untill the very very end. Then is says that it cannot confirm the license and that it is. I never get into the desktop, no matter what. No idea why that happend, no idea why it won't let me enter the product code... etc. So I would looking for guide that does NOT involve nLite at all, I happily do it the manual way, that way the install will work and not screw me up... So anyone have some tips for such guide?
  21. I wonder, if the Windows 7 ClearType could be used only in web browser (eg. Firefox). Using it for normal screen titles and such looks weird with so small fonts used. But off selection cause Firefox display some big (and small) fonts kinda weird. Is there any way to tweak the settings like "never for classic Windows, but possible for the web browser when it ask for it"?
  22. No WFP since Vista? Sounds good then, or it is not? Can we modify system files w/o problems, or...? There is (in the Image File Execution Options) these registry subfolders: DllNXOptions GoogleUpdate.exe IEInstal.exe ...and that it is. How I take the ownership of the Notepad.exe, so I can replace it by my file?
  23. Guys, I searched but did not find any usable solution how to disable the Windows file protection, aka WFP in Windows 7. All I manage to find is a register switch for this, yet it require running debudger, so, nothing really usefull... Basicaly it is SFCDisable set to 1 (or create if not exist) in registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon http://superuser.com/questions/479499/how-to-disable-windows-file-protection-in-windows-xp-or-7-from-registry "You have to attach a kernel debugger before setting the value to 1 will actually do anything." Is not there are any way? And I don't mean tweaking the created files not to be protected like in this link: http://windows7themes.net/en-us/how-to-disable-windows-7-file-protection/ Anyone? I would love to replace the current Notepad with Notepad2, but... WFP protect it.
  24. Okay, since the cursed WOT forced me to use WinXP SP3 (I hate them), then I tried the tool once again and... guess what! It worked perfectly, but only to specify the height of the open/save dialoque window. And that it is. But at least it does work now, so even in Czech WinXP SP3 it can work: http://dfiles.eu/files/mu0b9iyw8 - https://www.oboom.com/WAISV6TM - http://www.mediafire.com/?icqihmdo5wcym6w - http://rapidgator.net/file/25264a86ff921bf5ee3e963c0a0e14bc/FileOpenPatcher.zip.html God forbid to use that tool on WinXP SP1.0a as I did. It does NOT work and it WILL crash the app when it try to use it... Still, it does not do as what I can achieve on Win2k SP4 - enlarge the size as I see fit in horizontal way too...! (and also I want the list view as default, not the details view as default... list = more files are visible ) I would like to get something like that: Instead of this: Sadly the autor seems to be gone: You message for <elmne@gmx.de> from 2014/06/06 could not be delivered.
  25. Modified bitmaps in browseui.dll file - shaved only little over 100k in the dll size, yet most of the messages about "not enought memory" in WOT disappear already! And there are plenty of them everywhere: So, please, who knows how to end up Explorer to free more resources? Help? WOT graphic settings are quite low already (except draw distance, that is important):

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