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  1. Post-HFSLIP Scripts: NOLOAD & SPEEDUP

    hi i'm a total newbie really confusing at first but i just downloaded everything i had to edit the HFSLIP_POST_NOLOAD_V0.2.CMD file because the source folder was spelled sourcess not sure why? it works now i think ok i get error when i try in virtual box to run my iso it says NTKRNLMP.EXE is corrupt or missing
  2. hi newbie here, what do you do with the Entries_BootDriv's_.ini file? The .bat file i just double click but .ini? Thanks I'm using nlite
  3. Nlite rules my pants!

    thanks for making such a great program its awesome Uhmmmm questions about tweaks though, so right now i've just been using the Nlite program with its interface and i've gotten my XP install pretty small about 160mb...I kept windows updates, the firewall etc but I'm wondering if there's a good source for tweaking more advanced features or going further on how to slim down the 160mb ISO i have? Are there anyway to make other tweaks such as Status bar doesn't show up automatically without setting it up in Windows Explorer Mouse pointer advanced options like speed setting and roller mouse options Thanks!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. Is it possible after the install of the Windows to add some of the stuff i've taken out with Nlite or is it rather difficult The Welcome/logon screen is skipped out and the services no longer has faster user switching there....is it easy to add these features back in while still on the current Operating system install? Should i just make a new build or what because i'm wasting lots of CD's
  5. Yeah i just finished installing Direct x 9.0c and my Nvidia detonator drivers (newest ones off Nvidias site for 98SE) and still no graphics specific tabs showing up and still the kernel32.dll error Anyone with a similair setup getting anything remotely close to this in errors? I'll try a fresh install again today but with 1.5 Unofficial service pack instead and see what happens.
  6. The Adapter is not changed after installing the USP 2.0 rc1 - the problem is in the advanced setting area of Display properties where you find the extra settings/tabs for the specific video card such as Overlay, Direct 3D, OPenGL, 3D Colors etc... I have 2 home computers and I've tried the same setup on both (Win98SE and WinXP dual boot, 98se + 98lite + USP 2.0 rc1) Using the steps above and have come up with the same results on both systems. One system has a ATI Radeon 9100 64mb (latest drivers for 98SE) and other Nvidia TI4200 (Latest drivers for 98se) and both have their control panels tabs not showing up in the Advanced setting area of Display Properties after installing the Unofficial Service Pack 2.0 Rc1 - If go into the display properties > Settings > Advanced > I receive that kernel32.dll error upon trying to exit and no extra tabs for my specific video cards are being shown.
  7. This is the exact Error message and I can now confirm I get this error and this happens after the Unofficial Service Pack 2.0 rc1 is installed - I just did a clean install and took the same steps as above. RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0177:bff87ede. Registers: EAX=c00308e8 CS=0177 EIP=bff87ede EFLGS=00010212 EBX=0063f580 SS=017f ESP=0053ffec EBP=00540058 ECX=0054020c DS=017f ESI=81d82c64 FS=3247 EDX=bff76855 ES=017f EDI=00540234 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 53 56 57 8b 30 83 7d 10 01 8b 4e 38 89 4d f8 75 Stack dump:
  8. Yep thats there in startup It happens everytime - the kernel32.dll error when exiting the advanced settings area - just the default windows tab show there none of the ATI ones.
  9. I'm not sure if this is the cause of 98SE Unofficial service pack or 98Lite 4.7 SLEEK which i'm using but If i go to > Display Properties > Settings > Advanced Settings > I no longer have my ATI Control Panel tabs and when I press OK/CANCEL I get a Kernel32.dll error (Machine still works though). SO I'm wondering if its 98lite SLEEK causing those extra panels in there to not show up. This has happened on two machines I've installed on I Installed in this order: 1. 98Lite 4.7 SLEEK Install 2. Directx 9.0c 3. Hardware drivers - ATI - Nforce2 4. Unofficial Service Pack 2.0rc1 5. Windows Update critical fixes Only minor problem - otherwise system is VERY fast - I play World of Warcraft lots and with only 512mb NO MORE stuttering because of 98SE Thanks and keep up good work