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  1. Hi there I've tried part 2 and it doesn't work at all, it just says file missing e.g. rr174xp.sys missing, when i take a look in my backup folder i find rr174xp.sy_ and when I expand the file the new file is named rr174x.sys... I've removed rr174xp.sy_ frem my I386 folder as the guide says but it cant figure out that I've already expanded the files for it :S Kalle
  2. Silence of the foxes updated

    Hi there I'm having some trouble with SOF2, when i try installing firefox it still pops up on the screen and later it freeze and I cant kill it or go on with the rest of the programs which is pretty anoying Hope for some help, I'm pretty sure I do what the readme says Edit: and btw. it asks me if I want to install my extensions because they are not signed..
  3. cannot find moricons.dll

    thx! I copied the file from my iso-file and now it seems to work again Kalle
  4. registry mechanic trouble

    You "eat" a backslash MOVE /Y %PP%\Applications\u*******.exe %programfiles%\u*******\u*******.exe Funny because start /wait %PP%Applications\Firefox-Silent.exe works just fine Anyway I'll try different things like move and xcopy now and be back later with the results Kalle
  5. registry mechanic trouble

    Hi again, I'm still having trouble with the Move command set PP=%systemdrive%\install\ ... MOVE /Y %PP%Applications\u*******.exe %programfiles%\u*******\u*******.exe It says "the syntax of the command is incorrect." anyone who can help me out? btw. It works great with the silent install of registry mech thx! Kalle
  6. registry mechanic trouble

    Thx, I'll try that later, btw. do you know the command for moving and overwriting a file from install.cmd, I have: move /y source destination but it doesn't work Kalle_mod
  7. registry mechanic trouble

    well I dont want to sound rude but of course I compile my script(with AutoIt) to an exe before putting it in the iso file but it is much easier for you guys to find errors in the au3 file than in the exe file Kalle_mod
  8. registry mechanic trouble

    still no luck according to my testing...The funny thing is that as far as I remember it works just fine when i test in windows but as soon as it is supposed to run during unattended install of XP it fails Kalle_mod registrymech1.au3
  9. Hi guys I'm trying to install reg-mech with AutoIt v.3 but it says "error on line -1 could not execute external program - the system could not find the file specified" I attach my script and i'm absolutely sure that it is the right filename and both script(.exe) and the file are in the same folder. registry_mechanic1.au3
  10. Hi guys I'm having some trouble when my unattended XP is copying the files for the installation, it says it can't find moricons.dll. I'm not really sure why because last time i testet my unattended setup nothing was wrong(except for some programs not installing correctly) and the only thing I've done since is edit the install.cmd which is used for installing my apps and then create a new iso with nLite. I've found a moricons.dl_ in I386 so it's not like it's not there, the system just can't find it :S I hope someone can help me out, I'm currently testing if the iso still works without the file but it's annoying getting that error! Kalle_mod
  11. Hi there! I think I'm pretty much done with my unattended XP but when I tried using VPC(MS Virtual PC 2004) got an error from Zonealarm(could not find config c:\documents) - anyway searched the forums and found some different ideas that I will try tomorrow... I now have 1 last problem...After the install i looked into the registry DB to see if my tweaks was alright but most of them was not there?(not just the wrong keys but actually missing!) So now I'm wondering if you CAN run the tweaks during T-12(cmdlines.txt) (HKCU and HKLM - both before installing programs and adding users to make sure that all users have the HKCU tweaks by default)...If this should be alright maybe the problem is that the virtual machine doesn't have it's own regDB so that I was actually looking into my laptops regDB and that's the reason why I couldn't find the tweaks?(the laptop is not really mine so it's not tweaked) I'm pretty new(this is my first UA XP ever) so plz give me a hand here Kalle_MOD HKLM_regtweaks.reg HKCU_regtweaks.reg cmdlines.txt
  12. I'm having some trouble adding hotfixes with beta 4, it craches and says "error line -1 can't execute external program, file not found" after I select the folder for my hotfixes and the folder where my admin install is located Edit: btw. I translated it into danish, see attached file danish.rar
  13. Trying to slipstream SP3 into Office 2003

    Very nice, I didn't get any errors and no setup_IO.exe how do your program integrate if I may ask? I just used commands from unattended.msfn.org, and then I made GUI using AutoIt. If you are interested, new version is out. Visit this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/Office_2003_Inte...or_t105275.html well I tried using the commands my self but got the errors shown in this thread, that's why I'm asking
  14. Trying to slipstream SP3 into Office 2003

    Very nice, I didn't get any errors and no setup_IO.exe how do your program integrate if I may ask?
  15. Trying to slipstream SP3 into Office 2003

    I tried that too, seemed to work(didn't get any errors but I'm not sure if it is really slipstreamed or failed without telling me...Besides, I want to make my own install so I used ork.exe to remove stuff like Publisher and to make those changes during install will need to do the following: start /wait %systemdrive%\.....\office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=unattended.mst and I'm not really sure how to combine that one with the setup_IO.exe from the integrator?